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About Me

My work couples design and the humanities to investigate sociotechnical problems. I employ design as a means of understanding and explaining relationships beyond the visual. This includes revealing and assessing design’s role in modulating lived experience.

My disciplines and areas of professional expertise include…

  • Critical design
  • Design research
  • Digital media




My research goals are informed by my desire to expose the role of design as an invisible regulator, and my understanding of conceptions of design informs my research into their role in shaping flows of material and information. Put broadly, those goals include revealing and assessing design’s role in modulating lived experience.

In addition to publications and presentations (listed below), I have pursued these goals through design and teaching, including exhibitions at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Parsons’ Center for New Design, and classes on robotics and sensing within the context of studio art practice at Youth Art Connection, an Atlanta affiliate of the Boys and Girls Club.

In 2013, I completed my Ph.D. dissertation in Digital Media at Georgia Tech, where I worked under the National Science Foundation grant The City as Learning Lab: Spreading Technological Fluency Through Creative Robotics, as well as a grant from the Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing. Within the space of those initiatives, and under the auspices of the Public Design Workshop, I explored ways that design can articulate pressing social and political issues and foster new forms of engagement with technology.

My PhD dissertation, DIY Infrastructure, details an emerging area of design in which individuals and small groups are building alternative infrastructural systems and modifying or hacking existing ones. These projects reveal the way that our lives are regulated by the design of technical systems, explore their social components, and highlight the role of design in technological transitions.

My research interests include…

  • Critical design
  • Diy
  • Food systems
  • Infrastructure
  • Social computing