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Sean Michael Morris

Director at Digital Pedagogy Lab

About Me

I am a digital teacher and pedagogue, with experience especially in networked learning, MOOCs, digital composition and publishing, collaboration, and editing. My work as a pioneer in field of Critical Digital Pedagogy is founded in the philosophy of Paulo Freire, and finds contemporary analogues in the work of Howard Rheingold, Cathy N. Davidson, Dave Cormier, and Jesse Stommel. I am committed to engaging audiences in critical inspection of digital technologies.

I earned my Master of Arts in English – Creative Writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am the former English Department chair for the Community Colleges of Colorado Online. Prior to my educational career, I was an advertising copywriter and marketing communications manager. I calls himself a digital agnostic, and I learn, teach, and theorize from a contemplative perspective. I am particularly interested in broadcasting voices contingent to the educational institution.

My disciplines and areas of professional expertise include…

Current work

Digital Pedagogy Lab offers national and international on-ground institutes and training seminars, as well as online courses aimed at raising awareness of the practice of Critical Digital Pedagogy. As Director, I design, develop, and manage projects that reinforce the mission of Digital Pedagogy Lab, namely to provide faculty, students, administrators, technologists, and others with hands-on learning that can affect digitally-influenced classroom practice. I am responsible for outreach to current and new faculty, as well as supervision of the development of curricula for institutes and courses. Digital Pedagogy Lab is partnered with Canvas by Instructure for its online course offerings.


  • Instructure

    • 1/2015 - Present Senior Editor, Research and Education
  • Digital Pedagogy Lab

    • 12/2012 - Present Director
  • Hybrid Pedagogy

    • 3/2012 - Present Director
  • SEIU

    • 1/2014 - 9/2014 Digital Community Organizer - Adjunct Action
  • Marylhurst University

    • 8/2012 - 6/2013 Part-time Faculty