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Courses Taught

  • Introduction to American Government (POL213)


    Endicott College

  • Seminar in Academic Inquiry: Imagining Utopia (LST100)


    Endicott College

  • American Government (POL100)


    City University of New York Borough of Manhattan Community College


Teaching is an adventure. Effective teachers motivate students to commit themselves to a shared academic enterprise, one in which professors and students assume mutual responsibility for the success or failure of collective learning goals. Active learning techniques, structured practice, and meaningful collaboration are integral in achieving these goals. In the end, one hopes that they enjoyed the ride - remembering the period fondly as one of intellectual, social and emotional growth.

My overarching goal is to help my students develop into independent, critical thinkers, capable of analyzing arguments, competently expressing their opinions, and engaging the political environments in which they live. These students become self-directed, lifelong learners who can reflect on their prior knowledge, are motivated to explore new intellectual terrain, and are tolerant of others whose opinions and beliefs may differ from their own. My philosophy is that through effective instruction students will develop the intellectual and social skills that will help them succeed, not just in their courses, but also throughout their academic and professional careers.


  • Critical Sense: a journal of political and cultural theory

    Co-editor, 2005-2009

  • Local Reasoning

    2005 Encyclopedia of Governance. Ed. Mark Bevir, Newbury Park, CA: SAGE Publications

  • Police Reform, Governance and Democracy

    Mark Bevir, co-author

    2007 Police Occupational Culture: New Debates and Directions. Ed. David Sklansky, Megan O.Neill, Monique Marks and Anne-Marie Singh. Elsevier Press

  • On two types of governance theory

    Mark Bevir, co-author

    12/2011 Critical Policy Studies Vol. 5, Issue 4


  • Police Militarization in the United States: Interpreting traditions of reform and their effect on police culture

    4/2016 Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting

  • Police Reform, Governance and Democracy

    10/2006 Police Reform from the Bottom Up Conference. Co-sponsored by the Berkeley Center for Criminal Justice, the Center for the Study of Law and Society, and the Regulatory Institutions Network at Australian National University

  • Democratic Expansion, Informational Inequality and the Rise of Political Lying

    3/2013 Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting

  • Democracy and Deception: on our reactions to political mendacity and the dominance of moral philosophy

    4/2013 Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting

  • Investigating the Sources of Democracy's Epistemic Value

    10/2013 Association for Political Theory Annual Meeting


  • Association for Political Theory
  • American Political Science Association