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About Me

I stand for human decency, critical thinking and positive solutions. Human beings are a remarkable mix of blindness (yes, blind spots and lack of awareness of confirmation bias), insight, and energetic, and/or innovative, creative solutions to problems.

The major problem on Earth, as I see it, is that our homo sapiens evolutionary pathways and current brain/body dynamics leave us vulnerable to fear, to confirmation bias, to short-term thinking, to fantastical and unjustified, impractical or wildly incorrect solutions. All human beings need to be lifted beyond the lowest threshhold of our evolutionary tolerances, so that all of us feel capable of embracing what Lincoln called the "better angels of our nature." We need to consider the greater good of all life, not just what we want, selfishly, for ourselves. In all honesty, this encapsulates what I believe. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think so. I encourage my fellow Americans of all political stripes to consider the possibility that we are called to rise to the level of the better angels of our nature, rather than sinking to the lowest depth of our fears, anxieties and self-centered desires. Think: Aspiration and the Great Good, not anxiety or selfishness.

Current work

My scholarly focus is on a number of matters, especially those that contribute to cross-cultural understanding, critical thinking, self-understanding, critical analysis of cultural biases and, in the end, notions that I believe will contribute to human survival over the long term. (I am willing to admit that my assumptions and conclusions may be wrong. Who else is willing to do so? Let's talk.)



  • Saint Joseph's University (Pa.)

    • 8/1992 - Present Assistant Professor
    • 6/2009 - 5/2015 Chair, Department of Modern and Classical Languages
    • 8/2004 - 5/2005 Director of Fellowships (Acting)
  • International Society for the Study of Time

    • 7/2004 - 12/2009 Treasurer
  • Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

    • 8/1986 - 5/1992 Research Assistant, W. T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire Studies
    • 8/1989 - 5/1992 Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • University of Alabama

    • 8/1984 - 5/1986 Graduate Teaching Assistant