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Lori Stokes

Writer/Editor at Independent Scholar


I study the first generation of Puritan settlers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony--roughly 1629-1650. I focus on the religious and political settlements created by that founding generation, comparing and contrasting them.

Currently I'm researching the concept of “discretion” in the development of the civil state and the religious settlement of the Cambridge Platform; the elevation of the sacrament of communion to ecstatic levels in the first decade of Massachusetts Bay Colony settlement as a response to both physical suffering, particularly cold and hunger, and psychological depression in that early period; and the lived reality of restricting the franchise to church members in the first decade of Massachusetts Bay Colony politics, reassessing the assumption that this caused resentment amongst non-members.


  • The Church Records Transcription Project, Congregational Library & Archives in Boston

    • 11/2013 - Present Transcriptionist
  • Educational Publishing, Secondary/Post-Secondary History

    • 1/2002 - Present Digital Content Producer and Editor


  • Re-Evaluating the Pequot War

    10/2011 ASA Annual Convention, Baltimore, MD

  • All United for the Liberties of All

    3/2012 North End Historical Society, Boston, MA

  • The Pequot War was not an Indian War

    10/2013 Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center, Mashantucket, CT: conference on 17th Century Warfare, Diplomacy, and Society in the American Northeast

  • “Naughty Canoes: Unteaching the Puritans”

    7/2014 Society of Early Americanists annual convention, London, England


I taught undergraduate literature, film studies, and composition at Stony Brook University and Tufts University.