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Before You Buy Another Planner

Melanie Nelson,

If the journals and calendars aren’t working, it’s time to identify your particular time-use problem.
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How to Complain

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

Hint: It’s best to avoid name-calling, personal attacks, and conspiracy theories.
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Obsessed With Smartness

Why does academic culture value the students we admit more highly than the ones we graduate?
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On Hiring and Diversity This Week

Each week, we read news about hiring, diversity, and the workplace, so you don’t have to. This week: A day without women; strategies for shrinking the gender gap; why black workers hired by referral are more apt to be promoted.
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When a Student Cries

Stacey Patton,

Listen to them, but remember: Not all tears are created equal.
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Competing Facts Are a Fact of Life

Rob Jenkins,

As teachers, we should help our students understand there are myriad ways that information can be both factual and dead wrong.
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Bridging Academia

Katie Rose Guest Pryal,

Turns out an ex-faculty member can serve as a bridge between the academy and the nonacademic world.
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Rethinking My Exams

Kevin Gannon,

For many academics, our exams are one of those areas of teaching that remain unchanged and unexamined.
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On Hiring and Diversity This Week

Each week, we read news about hiring, diversity, and the workplace, so you don’t have to. This week: proof that age discrimination exists; the class wage gap; the bias against black women with natural hair; how to respond when a co-worker makes an inappropriate comment; and more.
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Same Lesson, Different Semester

David Gooblar,

Class prep gets easier and easier the more you teach a particular course. But is that always a good thing?
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On Leaving: Exiting on Good Terms

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

They never appreciated you and now you’re moving on. It’s oh so tempting to set them straight.
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How to Ace the Screening Interview

Fatimah Williams Castro,

You only have 15 to 30 minutes to convince a company that you should be asked back for a second-round interview.
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Leaving the Academic Stage

Robert Zaretsky,

If Mariah Carey should make room for a younger generation of performers, does that not also apply to me?
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How to Toe the Line

Ariel Sophia Bardi,

Struggling to adjust after leaving academe? The way forward may lie in simply listening to your own intuition.
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7 Steps to a Good Interview

Kent Smetters,

Resist the urge to share all the wonderful details you've unearthed in your research.
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Writing a Book Proposal

Lori Flores,

Done well, your book proposal may not only bring you a contract, it may also sharpen your work.
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There’s Something You Should Know

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

A do-it-yourself approach to fixing those annoying personality traits that are holding you back professionally.
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Get Out of Your Department

Paula Krebs,

You’re a new faculty member, no doubt engrossed in your departmental duties. But the rest of the institution needs you, too.
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Whose Name Goes First?

Three scholars share how they resolved a conflict over authorship order on an interdisciplinary article.
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Look What They Make You Give

Elizabeth Rodwell,

A Ph.D.’s quest for a tenure-track job falters when she declines to sacrifice her family life for her career.
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Oh, The Things You Can Do!

Melissa Dalgleish,

Your ability to move into a nonacademic career is less about acquiring new skills than about identifying the ones you already have.
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How to Shorten a CV

Karen Kelsky,

What to cut when job ads, grants, or fellowship applications ask you to submit a vita of only two to three pages.
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Persona Matters

Rachel Toor,

We work so hard to get the content right that we sometimes give short shrift to our delivery methods.

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