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Have Postdoc, Will Travel

Andrew Thaler,

Before you accept that fellowship, consider the high costs — financial and otherwise — of short-term relocations.
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Yes, I Send Fanmail

Rachel Toor,

Once in a while, it’s OK to fawn over writing you admire, even if the author is still breathing.
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Why I Teach Online

Devoney Looser,

It turns out that online instruction is a feminist issue.
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Why Informal Job Interviews Are Worthless

Also this week: the importance of mentoring people who aren’t like you; when a professor is a victim of a racial slur; why you should think like a nonagenarian.
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Stalled in the Writing?

Amy Benson Brown,

The problem may be that you are approaching your project from the outside in, rather than from the inside out.
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Getting Our Students Wrong

David Gooblar,

Why is it always so surprising when our initial impression of a student turns out to be mistaken?
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Mastering the Boring Basics

Nicole Matos ,

Much of teaching is procedural. But making the most of those routine moments can have a big impact in your classroom.
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The Distracted Classroom

New research may help us break the impasse over how to cope with digital diversions in the classroom.
Crop large vitae teacher anxiety

Conserving Your Teaching Energy

neil baldwin,

In today's college classroom, where affect often supersedes subject, we expend a lot of effort monitoring our students’ feelings.
Crop large vitae michiavelli

Build Yourself a Fortress

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

Must we be Machiavellian to ensure our survival during a leadership transition?
Crop large vitae how to say no

The Art of ‘No’

Don’t allow yourself to be treated as a checked box on someone else’s to-do list.
Crop large vitae woody guthrie

The Limits of Loyalty

Jonathan Rees,

What are the pros and cons of pursuing a faculty career in one place?
Crop large vitae empty hallways2

Our Hallways Are Too Quiet

Deborah Fitzgerald,

Technology and family-friendly policies gave us freedom, but has the cost been departmental life?
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Bias in the Machine

Also this week: when students stereotype professors; the link between sexism and rodents of usual size.
Crop large ivory tower

From Ivory to Glass Tower

Mark Carrigan,

Social media has made academia more visible to the wider society, and, thus, made academics more vulnerable.
Crop large vitae time

Before You Buy Another Planner

Melanie Nelson,

If the journals and calendars aren’t working, it’s time to identify your particular time-use problem.
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Is Genetic Discrimination on the Horizon?

Also this week: diversity officers under Trump; a look at how far women have come and far we still have to go; what songbirds can teach us about diversity and problem-solving.
Crop large vitae complaint

How to Complain

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

Hint: It’s best to avoid name-calling, personal attacks, and conspiracy theories.
Crop large 0428 newman online

Obsessed With Smartness

Why does academic culture value the students we admit more highly than the ones we graduate?
Crop large lapices copy

A Spotlight on Gender Bias

Each week, we read news about hiring, diversity, and the workplace, so you don’t have to. This week: A day without women; strategies for shrinking the gender gap; why black workers hired by referral are more apt to be promoted.
Crop large vitae tears

When a Student Cries

Stacey Patton,

Listen to them, but remember: Not all tears are created equal.
Crop large alternative facts

Competing Facts Are a Fact of Life

Rob Jenkins,

As teachers, we should help our students understand there are myriad ways that information can be both factual and dead wrong.
Crop large pryal1

Bridging Academia

Katie Rose Guest Pryal,

Turns out an ex-faculty member can serve as a bridge between the academy and the nonacademic world.
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Rethinking My Exams

Kevin Gannon,

For many academics, our exams are one of those areas of teaching that remain unchanged and unexamined.
Crop large lapices copy

Mind the Class Pay Gap

Each week, we read news about hiring, diversity, and the workplace, so you don’t have to. Also his week: proof that age discrimination exists; the bias against black women with natural hair; how to respond when a co-worker makes an inappropriate comment; and more.
Crop large pedagogyunbound

Same Lesson, Different Semester

David Gooblar,

Class prep gets easier and easier the more you teach a particular course. But is that always a good thing?
Crop large bonvoyage

On Leaving: Exiting on Good Terms

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

They never appreciated you and now you’re moving on. It’s oh so tempting to set them straight.
Crop large cards copy

How to Ace the Screening Interview

Fatimah Williams Castro,

You only have 15 to 30 minutes to convince a company that you should be asked back for a second-round interview.
Crop large full epicfinale   stage curtain

Leaving the Academic Stage

Robert Zaretsky,

If Mariah Carey should make room for a younger generation of performers, does that not also apply to me?
Crop large the third man final scene

How to Toe the Line

Ariel Sophia Bardi,

Struggling to adjust after leaving academe? The way forward may lie in simply listening to your own intuition.
Crop large rumba copy

7 Steps to a Good Interview

Kent Smetters,

Resist the urge to share all the wonderful details you've unearthed in your research.

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