Crop large vitae the f word failure

The Worst F-Word

John Kehayias,

A tenure-track dream you’ve spent 14 years pursuing is not an easy thing to give up.
Crop large vitae awkward hug

The Awkwardest Hug

JH Pearl,

In a job interview, you don’t have as much power to ruin everything as you think.
Crop large vitae austerity

How to Survive Permanent Austerity

Jonathan Rees,

If your institution is going to be dependent on tuition dollars to keep its doors open, how can you as a faculty member help recruit and retain students without sacrificing your integrity?
Crop large vitae fasterphd

5 Ways to a Faster Ph.D.

How graduate schools could shorten time-to-degree without watering down program requirements.
Crop large vitae diversity hiring

Fixing Our Job-Market Problem

Kevin Gannon,

Career diversity must become the new norm, not an exceptional trend, if graduate education is to thrive in the future.
Crop large vitae publishing summer

The ‘So What?’ Question

Theresa MacPhail,

You may be convinced that your paper has a solid central argument. Here are three ways to tell when it doesn’t.
Crop large vitae summer reading beach

Evil Deans and the Academic Novel

In this summer’s fiction recommendations, faculty are taking out their frustrations on overworked and under-respected middle managers.
Crop large theend cyan

All in Favor of Quitting?

Kelly J. Baker,

When things get tough, people tell you to stick it out, persevere. But sometimes quitting is the smart thing to do.
Crop large theend violet

A Memoir on Leaving the Faculty

Katie Rose Guest Pryal,

A Q&A with Kelly J. Baker: “Academic notions of success are remarkably narrow, and the world around us has more possibilities than we might think.”
Crop large smarm

Banish the Smarm

Effective networking isn't slimy — it's sincere, deep, and generous.
Crop large don t look back

The Art of Peer Pressure

Rebecca Schuman,

Hello prospective grad student. Come in under the shadow of this red rock.
Crop large vitae writing group

Why You Need a Writing Group

Louise Seamster,

A writing group is automatically subversive — a parallel universe outside of the isolation of academic culture.
Crop large vitae copyright

Fair Use Too Often Goes Unused

Noah Berlatsky,

Scholarly publishers want authors to get permission to reprint any image, but does the law always require it?
Crop large vitae quill pitch story idea

How to Craft a Pitch

Kelly J. Baker,

Six tips to help you craft an effective pitch that will get your article published.
Crop large vitae complaints

You. Yes, You!

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

Warning: You may be surprised by the realities of an administrative position.
Crop large lapices

The Future of Work

Also this week: Being human might be a pre-existing condition; what’s driving administrative bloat; and other news.
Crop large crespi 2

A Summer Reading List

Annie Berke,

You ran/walked/crawled across the finish line of the spring semester: Reward yourself with a few good books.
Crop large vitae peer advising

ISO … a Peer Mentor

Jessica Pesce,

Why is it so difficult to find a midcareer mentor near my own age?
Crop large 1024px villemard school

You Can’t Automate Good Teaching

Jonathan Rees,

Any professor who cares one whit about teaching understands that education involves a lot more than just conveying information.
Crop large vitae confused teacher

What You Do Does Matter

John Schwiebert,

Notes on teaching for those days when it seems as if no one is listening.
Crop large lapices

Does Diversity Training Work?

Also this week: Why older workers might be better workers. Segregation is alive and well, but no one cares; and other news.
Crop large pedagogyunbound

We Keep Ignoring the Audience

David Gooblar,

Teaching graduate students to pay attention to who they’re writing for could go a long way toward improving academic writing.
Crop large vitale lonely business woman

Now You're in Charge

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

Warning: You may be surprised by the realities of an administrative position.
Crop large vitae letter of recommendation

Recommendation Inflation

Howard Gardner,

Recommendation letters don't generally reflect candid professional judgments, but here are some tips on making them at least a little more helpful.
Crop large vitae unexpected

Unexpected Careers

Jenny Furlong,

Our Career Talk columnists talk with three Ph.D.s who ended up finding satisfying work outside their disciplines.
Crop large lapices

Grumps in the Workplace

Also this week: the secret to keeping tenured professors happy; unfair pay practices; the remarkable benefits of biking to work.
Crop large vitae snidev

How to Stop Sneering

Maria Shine Stewart,

Just because you can disparage a student or a colleague doesn’t mean you have to.
Crop large pedagogyunbound

In Praise of the First Person

David Gooblar,

Why you should be encouraging your undergraduate and graduate students to write in the first person.
Crop large vitae swamp

Stuck in the Assessment Swamp?

Kevin Gannon,

It’s little wonder that “assessment” is one of those words that make faculty break out in hives.
Crop large vitae travel postdoc

Have Postdoc, Will Travel

Andrew Thaler,

Before you accept that fellowship, consider the high costs — financial and otherwise — of short-term relocations.
Crop large vitae fan letters

Yes, I Send Fanmail

Rachel Toor,

Once in a while, it’s OK to fawn over writing you admire, even if the author is still breathing.
Crop large vitae teaching keyboard

Why I Teach Online

Devoney Looser,

It turns out that online instruction is a feminist issue.
Crop large lapices

Why Informal Job Interviews Are Worthless

Also this week: the importance of mentoring people who aren’t like you; when a professor is a victim of a racial slur; why you should think like a nonagenarian.
Crop large vitae writing picasso

Stalled in the Writing?

Amy Benson Brown,

The problem may be that you are approaching your project from the outside in, rather than from the inside out.
Crop large pedagogyunbound

Getting Our Students Wrong

David Gooblar,

Why is it always so surprising when our initial impression of a student turns out to be mistaken?
Crop large vitae yawning

Mastering the Boring Basics

Nicole Matos ,

Much of teaching is procedural. But making the most of those routine moments can have a big impact in your classroom.
Crop large vitae socialmedia distraction

The Distracted Classroom

New research may help us break the impasse over how to cope with digital diversions in the classroom.
Crop large vitae teacher anxiety

Conserving Your Teaching Energy

neil baldwin,

In today's college classroom, where affect often supersedes subject, we expend a lot of effort monitoring our students’ feelings.

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