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How I Got This Job: David G. Baker

This Louisiana State University professor will tell you his job is nothing special. But how many academics do you know who balance teaching 10 courses and caring for a 450-pound Bengal-Siberian Tiger?
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The Adjunct Is In. But Is She Getting Paid?

Institutions and departments have all kinds of different policies on whether contingent faculty have to hold office hours—and whether they're compensated for doing so.
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The Mothers I Meet in the Academy

Students’ outside lives can't be kept out of the classroom or contained to the page. And that’s especially true for the ones who are also parents.

Life on 'the Groggy Side of a Sleep Divide'

Alan Derickson: "At least since General Electric founder Thomas Edison declared sleep 'an absurdity, a bad habit' a century ago, many successful business leaders have promoted a virtual cult of overextended wakefulness." I'm sure there are plenty of academics out there who are all too familiar with this overextended-wakefulness business. (Harvard Business Review)
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How I Get By: Beatriz M. Reyes-Foster

As she prepares for the birth of her second child, an assistant professor realizes her lean years as a student and adjunct aren’t entirely behind her.

'I Became a Doctor. But I'm Still a Nurse.'

A riveting lecturer's diary from Katie Rose Guest Pryal: "Dr. Comp says, when I ask about the possibility for contract renewal, 'I promise we'll continue to exploit you as long as you let us.' We all laugh." (Hybrid Pedagogy)
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What We Should Learn From Danielle Lee

It's not just that women and minorities in the sciences are subjected to sexist and racist language. It's that they're often asked to do more uncompensated work than their peers.

Bentley U. Adjuncts Probably Like Ted Cruz Even Less Than the Rest of the Country

After adjuncts at Tufts University voted to unionize last month, their colleagues at Bentley University were supposed to be next in line, on October 4. But we've heard nothing—because the National Labor Relations Board, which counts the votes, has been furloughed. Happy shutdown! (Waltham News Tribune)
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Adjunct, Help Thyself

It’s not enough to go about your daily work; you’ve also got to be constructive and forward-thinking in how you talk about it. Here’s how.

Adjuncts, Obamacare, and the Age of 29-Hour Work Week

St. Petersburg College says it plans to keep adjuncts working fewer than 30 hours a week so it won't be required to provide them with health care under the terms of the Affordable Care Act. The college's VP, delivering what's likely to become a common refrain: "We hated to take that step for many reasons, but we simply do not have the funding to take on that additional expense." (The Huffington Post)

Are Adjuncts Pressured to Give the Grade Away?

Marni of The Adjunct Project thinks so, and not just because profs without job security tend to worry about their Rate My Professor scores. There's actually a strong financial incentive for adjuncts to half-ass their grading, she writes. (The Adjunct Project)

Want to Establish New Tenure Lines? Buy Some Combat Boots

A professor at Portland State University provides a revealing look at what it really takes to replace adjunct positions with tenure-track jobs. Apparently it helps to have a facility for chart-making and a lawyer on speed dial.
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The Accidental Pay Cut

Taking on a couple of extra courses, or a few administrative duties, seems like a great idea—until the extra pay becomes your new normal and the additional workload falls by the wayside.