two-body problem

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The Two-Body Problem and Us

My husband and I got married during the senior year of our undergraduate studies, so we’ve spent plenty of time as an academic couple. He and I take stock of our circuitous journey here.
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Introducing 'Sexism Ed'

We’re a long way from achieving gender equality in the academy. So let’s start a conversation on discrimination, structural problems, and what needs to be done.
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How I Get By: Beatriz M. Reyes-Foster

As she prepares for the birth of her second child, an assistant professor realizes her lean years as a student and adjunct aren’t entirely behind her.

'I Became a Doctor. But I'm Still a Nurse.'

A riveting lecturer's diary from Katie Rose Guest Pryal: "Dr. Comp says, when I ask about the possibility for contract renewal, 'I promise we'll continue to exploit you as long as you let us.' We all laugh." (Hybrid Pedagogy)

Scenes From the Full-Time/Part-Time Divide

John Kilbourne, a full professor at Grand Valley State University, gets an unsolicited second computer monitor for his office. His wife, a long-serving part-timer, gets to share four computers with about 50 other adjuncts. John is, as you might expect, not thrilled. (The Conversation)

Reflections of an 'Indefinite' Adjunct

C.N. Le, a senior lecturer at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, says he's "fortunate" to have found an adjunct position that works for him. But he's still aware of the "quandary" of his status—and feels an "implicit tension" between lecturers and tenured faculty. Here's his story. (Adjunct Voices)