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Who Really Benefits From Diversity Programs?

Also this week: how to be an ally to minority scholars; on fiscal-literacy programs and poor-blaming; and who says there aren't enough accomplished female scientists?
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Why Informal Job Interviews Are Worthless

Also this week: the importance of mentoring people who aren’t like you; when a professor is a victim of a racial slur; why you should think like a nonagenarian.
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Bias in the Machine

Also this week: when students stereotype professors; the link between sexism and rodents of usual size.
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On Academic Pandering

You have to grease the wheels, or so you’ve been told. The hierarchies of higher education rely on pandering to get ahead.
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Call and Response

The students’ “Call to Action” listed some two dozen recent microaggressions and acts of bias — including my course.
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Quitting while Black

The decision to pursue a nonfaculty career is fraught with uncertainty for all Ph.D.s but even more so for academics of color.