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Duly Keynoted

Why is the keynote speech such a train wreck at most academic conferences?
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How Not to Be a Jackass at Your Next Academic Conference

If you've spent any time at an academic conference, you've seen some less-than-stellar behavior. We asked an etiquette guru—Emily Post's great-great granddaughter!—for guidance on how to avoid being an offender.
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Will They Remember Your Topic?

Should you avoid repeating the same material in your campus job talk as you presented at the annual conference?
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Why I Present at Conferences

It’s not about the power, or the glory, or even the career advancement. For me, it all comes down to the loot.
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4 Scholars to Watch at MLA 2014

There are all sorts of fabulously smart people presenting at the MLA. But here are a few academics—and some Twitter accounts—we have our eyes on.