post-academic careers

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How to Toe the Line

Struggling to adjust after leaving academe? The way forward may lie in simply listening to your own intuition.
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Oh, The Things You Can Do!

Your ability to move into a nonacademic career is less about acquiring new skills than about identifying the ones you already have.
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The Academic Side Hustle

Find a marketable talent that is specific enough to limit your competition but still has a big enough client base to grow.
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Do This While You Diss

Five easy steps you can take in graduate school to prepare for an alt-ac job search.
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Quitting while Black

The decision to pursue a nonfaculty career is fraught with uncertainty for all Ph.D.s but even more so for academics of color.
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Goodbye to All That

It was time to let go of my scholarly manuscript, and the last link to academe that it represented.