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What Ever Happened to Second Life?

In its heyday, the virtual world was hyped as a potential Next Big Thing for higher ed. Now that the excitement has fizzled, is there any reason for professors to come back and poke around?

The Ever-Evolving Bio Blurb

This post isn't new, but it's worth revisiting: Brian Croxall often gets asked to write up a brief biographical sketch, and his biography, like anyone's, is an ever-changing thing. He talks about how he tracks revisions over time, and he mentions how severely he "overthought" is first such submission. Which got me wondering: How important are these things? Do you lavish yours with attention or dash them off at the last minute? (ProfHacker)
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'Give It All You've Got'

In this apocalyptic academic job market, luck is important. At the same time, you should still work really hard to control all of the things you can control.

'As If the Internet Were One Big Dating Site'

Kat Stoeffel on why the rise of social media, and the attendant focus on self-promotion, is especially hard on women: "Women have spent decades trying to reconcile traditionally 'feminine' and 'masculine' spheres in their daily schedules, but now this balancing act plays out all the time online." (New York Magazine)

Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Your CV

How do you collapse your entire career into a single-page, one-sided résumé? For starters, avoid thinking of the document as an info dump.