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Why I Remain Hopeful

Just because I write about what’s wrong with academia doesn’t mean I’m cynical about its future.
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The 50-Percent Problem

All of that extra work you keep doing in hopes it will lead to a tenure-track job? It won’t.
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Academic Waste

I was flushed out of an academic labor system that I was naïve enough to trust. But it turns out I wasn’t the exception, I was the rule.
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Automate This, Not That

Some technological innovations can make higher education better — just as others can make it worse.
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Facing an Impossible Choice

That we as contingent faculty take pride in our work is both our greatest virtue and our worst vulnerability.
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Spread Tenure Around

If faculty keep playing defense rather than offense, the patient will be completely dead before too long.
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What Are We Worth?

A look at the “WordRates” experiment created by freelance writers.
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Time to Retire the Adjunct Stigma

Adjuncts are postdoctoral teaching fellows. Search committees must start seeing them as the veteran pedagogical experts they are.