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Academic Waste

I was flushed out of an academic labor system that I was naïve enough to trust. But it turns out I wasn’t the exception, I was the rule.

NYU Grad Employees See Union Victory

Graduate employees of New York University who participated in an election this week voted overwhelmingly in favor of forming a collective-bargaining unit affiliated with the United Auto Workers. The bargaining unit will support 1,247 graduate employees of NYU and its affiliated Polytechnic Institute. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

NYU Tells Grad Students: Okay, You're Free to Unionize

The university had said it wouldn't negotiate with the United Auto Workers, the group working to unionize grad students, because the UAW was firm in demanding that any union must include research assistants. Under the terms of a new compromise, though, some research assistants are in, and some are out. Peter Schmidt breaks it down. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Should We Kill Comps? Not So Fast

If you read Stacey Patton's Chronicle piece on the future of comprehensive exams earlier this week, you missed an interesting discussion that's popped up in the comment thread today. Among other things, we've gotten some pretty well-considered defenses of comps, including this one from graddirector: "The problem with saying 'I got good grades, why do I need to take a comprehensive exam?' is that there are a subset of students who can get great grades, but retain little information permanently. The breadth of a comp is deliberate. If you have remembered a large proportion of what you have learned in the 5-6 years of prior education (undergrad and grad), they are no big deal. If you are a cram and purge learner, you will have problems." There's more there, and it's worth a look. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Thought for the Day: Uneven Power Dynamics Edition

"Any time you see a senior professor with long and distinguished publication record teaching somewhere not-that-prestigious, but who used to teach somewhere more prestigious, that is almost 100% because that person [Can we say "shtupped"? Let's go with that. -ed] someone he wasn’t supposed to." (Pan Kisses Kafka)