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'Suicide Is My Retirement Plan'

Aging adjuncts don’t want to work forever. But many of them keep at it, largely out of fear and necessity.
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My Alma Mater, the Cautionary Tale

My beloved university exemplifies the crisis faced by many small, private institutions across the country. Sadly, some of its struggles were foreseeable all along.
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Mentoring Is a Business. Don’t Fear It.

Paying for mentorship, coaching, or editing might seem hard to stomach. But there’s a lot to be said for getting professional help from someone who used to be on the inside.
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Summer Survival Strategies for Adjuncts

Come July, the money you scraped together during the school year is gone, and you’re at least two rent cycles away from the next paycheck. How do you make it to September?
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Why I Don't Negotiate ... That Much

What’s the point in starting your relationship with a new hire on an adversarial note? Why not just offer the best possible deal up front?