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Why I Became a Lady Economist

I’ve found it satisfying to master a field that’s considered a boy’s club. But what does it say about me, as a staunch feminist, if I’m relying on masculinity to convey my worth?
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My Alma Mater, the Cautionary Tale

My beloved university exemplifies the crisis faced by many small, private institutions across the country. Sadly, some of its struggles were foreseeable all along.
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Adjuncts and the Sunk-Cost Fallacy

If you were starting fresh right now, would you train to be a contingent professor? If the answer is no, it’s worth taking a look at how you got here.
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Love, Economics Style

Real sparks do fly in our dismal science. Are economic power couples proof that partnering is advantageous?
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On Privilege and the Ph.D.

Graduate study is increasingly out of reach for those not born into the right circumstances. More of us pursuing advanced degrees should acknowledge that.
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‘Woman’ as a Qualifying Adjective

When we chose Lady Economist as the name for our blog, we knew we were playing with loaded terminology. But the criticism we faced taught us a lot about where women stand in academia.