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Fixing Our Job-Market Problem

Career diversity must become the new norm, not an exceptional trend, if graduate education is to thrive in the future.
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The Future of Work

Also this week: Being human might be a pre-existing condition; what’s driving administrative bloat; and other news.
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Does Diversity Training Work?

Also this week: Why older workers might be better workers. Segregation is alive and well, but no one cares; and other news.
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Grumps in the Workplace

Also this week: the secret to keeping tenured professors happy; unfair pay practices; the remarkable benefits of biking to work.
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Who Really Benefits From Diversity Programs?

Also this week: how to be an ally to minority scholars; on fiscal-literacy programs and poor-blaming; and who says there aren't enough accomplished female scientists?
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Why Informal Job Interviews Are Worthless

Also this week: the importance of mentoring people who aren’t like you; when a professor is a victim of a racial slur; why you should think like a nonagenarian.
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Bias in the Machine

Also this week: when students stereotype professors; the link between sexism and rodents of usual size.
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Is Genetic Discrimination on the Horizon?

Also this week: diversity officers under Trump; a look at how far women have come and far we still have to go; what songbirds can teach us about diversity and problem-solving.