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A Q&A with Miya Tokumitsu

An interview with the academic and writer about her new book on the myth of “do what you love.”
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On Privilege and the Ph.D.

Graduate study is increasingly out of reach for those not born into the right circumstances. More of us pursuing advanced degrees should acknowledge that.

The Case Against Helping Out High-Schoolers

Terry McGlynn explains why he doesn't take on high-school students over the summer in his research lab: "Bungee jumping is an experience. Discovering that you’re allergic to seafood is an experience. Going backpacking in Europe is an experience. I don’t provide research 'experiences' for students; I train scientists." (Small Pond Science)

'A Brazilian Bikini Wax, but For the Mind'

Rebecca Schuman on how adjuncts can make the case for a living wage: Think of higher ed not as a product, but as a service. And think of professors as waiters, personal trainers, or—sure, why not?—luxury-salon aestheticians. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)