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How—and Why—to Split Your Students Into Teams

You don’t have to be an acolyte of team-based learning to see the value in splitting students into groups. Passing out a survey in your first class session is a good way to get started.
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Every Class Session Deserves a Setlist

Want to improve your classroom planning? Take a few minutes to jot down an outline of what you intend to do—and don’t be shy about sharing it with your students.
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Let's All Stop Worrying About Grade Inflation

It’s easy to look at a long list of A-minuses and wonder if you’re contributing to the downfall of standards. But this is a problem that sounds much worse than it really is.
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It's Time for a Course Correction

By April, that initial burst of enthusiasm you felt about this spring’s courses has waned. Come to think of it, your students don’t seem all that engaged, either. How do you right the ship?