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The Silly—And Sobering—History of MLA Job Ads

A researcher's journey through five decades of faculty job listings has turned up plenty of gallows humor ("Tantalus had nothing on me"), institutional sexism ("Man preferred"), and fallout from an academic-labor crisis in the '70s.
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Are More MLA Faculty Jobs on the Way?

So far, humanists looking for tenure-track listings on the association’s job board aren’t impressed. The good news: New jobs should trickle in for several weeks. The bad news: After that, silence.

UC-Riverside Indiegogo Campaign Assists One Job Candidate

After the University of California at Riverside was called out for giving job applicants five days' notice of interviews in Chicago, nearly $900 was raised through an Indiegogo fundraiser to offset the candidates’ travel expenses. But only one of the job seekers took advantage of the help.
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It’s Time for the MLA. Are You Angry Yet?

There's a fair bit of anger and disillusionment swirling around this year's conference. But that's nothing new, as past insurgencies, protests, and oddball hoaxes show.
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4 Scholars to Watch at MLA 2014

There are all sorts of fabulously smart people presenting at the MLA. But here are a few academics—and some Twitter accounts—we have our eyes on.

A Hypothetical MLA Budget For a Hypothetical Grad Student

How much will a trip to the upcoming Modern Language Association conference in Chicago cost the average graduate student? Check out this hypothetical breakdown, which the author says he hopes "puts things into something of a financial perspective for both potential job-seekers and those who are looking to hire them." (Andytown)
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Market Crash Course: Job Ad Deconstructionism 101

You’ve seen plenty of job listings that emphasize “service opportunities” or tout an “aggressive research agenda,” right? Here’s a guide to decoding some of that jargon.