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Are you searching for a particular column? If so, look no further. Here's a collection of Vitae essays organized by column name and author.

By Column Name:

Academia and Pregnancy - A four-part series on motherhood and the academy.

Academic Job Tracker - A pilot project that looks at which departments are hiring and who's getting tenure-track jobs.

Career Lingo - David D. Perlmutter on how to decode academic job ads.

The Conferencegoer - We go to academic conferences so you don’t have to. Here’s a periodic look at some of the helpful, unexpected, or otherwise interesting talks we sit in on.

Dear Forums - Our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums.

Grace Period - Kelly Baker on her first year outside academe.

How I Get By - How academics make ends meet.

Job Market Mentor - Economist John Cawley offers advice to new Ph.D.'s about the job search.

Just Visiting - Robert Oprisko writes about being a visiting professor.

Lady Economist - Kate Bahn and Katherine Moos on the economics of the academic market and what it’s like to be a woman in the dismal science.

Market Crash Course - Your existential companion during the the academic hiring cycle, bringing you gallows humor, brutal honesty, and practical advice for keeping your spirit intact regardless of your search outcome.

Pedagogy Unbound - David Gooblar on teaching.

Professor Parent - Kristen Ghodsee on balancing work and family.

Sexism Ed- Kelly Baker on gender in academia.

The Freelance Academic - Katie Rose Guest Pryal offers advice on how to make the new, corporate model of higher education work for you.

The Life of the Mind Interrupted - Katie Rose Guest Pryal on mental health in the academy.

The New Face of Campus Rape - A three-part series on sexual assault on campuses.

The Professor Is In - Karen Kelsky on the academic job market and faculty culture.

The Vitae Bookshelf - Our columnists pick the five books that most influenced them in some aspect of their work, professional life, and career — and why.

This Academic Life - A series of essays by Gregory Semenza on working in academe and why it’s not “just academic.”

Off Track - Josh Boldt examines the multifarious worlds of faculty who aren't on the tenure track.

On Scholarly Writing - Joli Jensen on how to break out of a writing rut.

The Rogue Scientist's Guide to Surviving the Postdocalypse - "Rogue scientist" Andrew David Thaler writes about conducting science beyond the academy.

Tenure-Track Wisdom - A series of interviews with faculty members about what they learned during their first year on the tenure track.

By Column Author:

Kate Bahn - grad school, economics, gender, sexism

Kelly J. Baker - sexism in the academy, leaving academia, academic culture

Kirsten Bell - academic publishing

Josh Boldt - adjuncts, labor, teaching, reinventing yourself, postacademic careers

Maria Bollettino - motherhood in the academy

Matthew Timothy Bradley - social media and technology

Stacia L. Brown - teaching at a community college

Viviane Callier - STEM careers

John Cawley - job searching

Mark Chou - academic culture

Annie E. Clark - sexual assault

Peter D’Amato - internships

George David Clark - teaching

Jessica Ehinger - alt-ac careers

Robert Elder - the profession

David R. Evans - administration

Kathryn Everson - conferences, networking

Gene C. Fant, Jr. - academic hiring

Nathan Faries - teaching via Skype

Scott Farver - grad school

Joe Fruscione - adjuncts, labor

Kristen Ghodsee - work and family

Katie Rose Guest Pryal - mental health in the academy, postacademic careers, entrepreneurship

Tanya Golash-Boza - mentoring, advising, productivity

David Gooblar - teaching

Eric Anthony Grollman - academic culture

Elizabeth Hallowell - grad school, work-life balance

Felicia Harris - grad school, diversity, race

Lori Harrison-Kahan - labor, the profession

Karen James - sexual harassment in the sciences

Rob Jenkins - hiring at two-year colleges

Joli Jensen - writing, productivity

Elizabeth Keenan - grad school, transitioning to an nonacademic career

Karen Kelsky - navigating the academic job market and faculty life

Sarah Kendzior - labor, inequality, the adjunct crisis, academic publishing, the academic job market

Paula Krebs - curriculum and the faculty-administration relationship

Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt - moving to administration

David Leonard - labor, race, diversity, public scholarship

Rachel Leventhal-Weiner - work-life issues, transitioning to an nonacademic career

Mary Anne Lewis - teaching statements

Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts - race, diversity, teaching

Emily Mace - alt-ac careers

Theresa MacPhail - writing

Suzanne Marchand - hiring, interviews

Sharon Marcus - mentoring, advising

Kelli Marshall - teaching and technology, social media, digital identity

Nicole Matos - hiring, mentoring, advising at two-year colleges

Kevin R. McClure - alt-ac careers

Terry McGlynn - the sciences, work-life issues

Monica Miller - mentoring, advising, grad school

John Misak - teaching and grading

Katherine Moos - grad school, economics, gender, sexism

Sean Michael Morris - teaching and technology

Aimée Morrison - women in academia

Melanie Nelson - management, productivity

Nathaniel C. Oliver - contingency, labor, disability

Robert L. Oprisko - life as a visiting professor

Eliana Osborn - contingency, teaching at two-year colleges

William Pannapacker - the profession, academic culture, labor

David Perry - disability, labor, the profession, academic culture

P.J. Podesta - law school

Jennifer Polk - postacademic life, entrepreneurship

Alan Rauch - peer review

Jonathan Rees - academic culture, online teaching, technology, labor, the profession

Emily Roberts - personal finance

Kerry Ann Rockquemore - mentoring, networking

Elizabeth Rodwell - grad school, the dissertation

Hans Rollmann - conferences, presentations

Dan Royles - grad school, crowdfunding, writing, teaching abroad, the academic job market, your first year on the tenure track

Noliwe Rooks - race, gender, diversity

Joshunda Sanders - teaching controversial subjects

Rebecca Schuman - labor, academic hiring, adjuncts, gallows humor

Gregory Semenza - academic life

Jacqui Shine - grad school, mental health, academic culture

Liana M. Silva - gender, race, adjuncts, creative careers

Laura Smith - personal finance, networking, grad school

R. Tyson Smith - the academic job search

Miglena Sternadori - motherhood, work-life balance

Gina Stewart - women in the sciences

Jesse Stommel - teaching and technology

Isaac Sweeney - contingency, two-year colleges, mental health

Andrew David Thaler - postacademic careers in the sciences

Anne Trubek - writing

Alice Umber - adjuncts, contingency

Allison Vaillancourt - leadership, management, administration

Rachel Vorona-Cote - grad school

Menachem Wecker - social media, technology, research

Kirstin R. Wilcox - teaching and technology

Brook Wilensky-Lanford - grad school

Fatimah Williams-Castro - postacademic and nonacademic careers

Audra Wolfe - public scholarship


Erin Wunker - women in academia

Ginny Yans - mentoring, advising

Jeremy Yoder - postdocs, the academic job market for scientists

Robert Zaretsky - academic culture


The Quick and Relatively Painless Guide to Your Job Search

What's the secret to landing a job in today's competitive market? In this guidebook, hear it straight from academic-career expert Karen Kelsky, author of Vitae’s popular advice column "The Professor Is In."

How to Write a Teaching Statement That Sings

Struggling with this important dossier component? Over the years, Vitae and The Chronicle have gathered advice from experts who have sat on dozens of hiring committees and pored through hundreds upon hundreds of teaching statements. Now we’ve collected the best of that advice here.

Higher Ed: Soup to Nuts

Find out what more than a dozen academic insiders have to say about career management, graduate school, mentoring and advising, and scholarly work in this exclusive guidebook on academic career development.

How to Survive Your First-Round Interview

Anxious about your first meeting with the search committee? Our experts offer tips on how to prepare — and how to increase your chances of getting to the next round.

A Strategy Guide for Second-Round Interviews

You made the first cut, but the campus-interview stage is even tougher. This free booklet is your field manual.

Your Guide to the Ins and Outs of Negotiating in Academia

Kudos on having an offer in hand. But that’s just the starting point for negotiations. Our experts tell you how to weigh the terms and broker a better outcome.

The Academic's Guide to a Successful Summer

Here's what you can do now to make the most of the months ahead.


The Vitae Primers:

Making It Through Grad School

Debating whether or not to go? Already there, and just looking to survive? Either way, here’s a look through our back pages that may help you out.

Developing Your Digital Identity: a Webinar With The Professor Is In

Watch as Karen Kelsky explains how to put your best foot forward online.

The Application Games

In the early stages of the job-search process, the goal is to keep your name in the running—and your documents out of the ashcan. Here's a collection of columns from The Chronicle that'll get you off to a good start.

Your First Interview

Before you plunge into your first academic hiring season, you'll need to understand how conference screenings and campus callbacks work. Here's a collection of practical columns from The Chronicle that will walk you through the process

When Your Interview Goes Awry

You can prepare until you’re blue in the face, but there’s still no way to anticipate all the curveballs a job interview can throw your way. Here's a collection of columns from The Chronicle to give you some ideas on how to deal with the unexpected.

How to Handle Your Inevitable Rejection

Lord knows it’s coming: The moment (or dozens of moments) when a college tells you it’s just not that interested in having you around. Here’s a collection of columns from The Chronicle to help you cope.

Heading Home for the Holidays

Being on the market is stressful enough without having to explain to your relatives why you still don’t have a job. Here are some thoughts from The Chronicle on how to stay sane over the break.

The CV Doctor:

Does your CV need help? Looking to turn your CV into a one-page résumé? The Career Talk columnists can help.



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