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ISO … a Peer Mentor

Jessica Pesce,

Why is it so difficult to find a midcareer mentor near my own age?
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You Can’t Automate Good Teaching

Jonathan Rees,

Any professor who cares one whit about teaching understands that education involves a lot more than just conveying information.
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What You Do Does Matter

John Schwiebert,

Notes on teaching for those days when it seems as if no one is listening.
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Does Diversity Training Work?

Also this week: Why older workers might be better workers. Segregation is alive and well, but no one cares; and other news.
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We Keep Ignoring the Audience

David Gooblar,

Teaching graduate students to pay attention to who they’re writing for could go a long way toward improving academic writing.
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Now You're in Charge

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

Warning: You may be surprised by the realities of an administrative position.
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Recommendation Inflation

Howard Gardner,

Recommendation letters don't generally reflect candid professional judgments, but here are some tips on making them at least a little more helpful.
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Unexpected Careers

Jenny Furlong,

Our Career Talk columnists talk with three Ph.D.s who ended up finding satisfying work outside their disciplines.
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Grumps in the Workplace

Also this week: the secret to keeping tenured professors happy; unfair pay practices; the remarkable benefits of biking to work.
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How to Stop Sneering

Maria Shine Stewart,

Just because you can disparage a student or a colleague doesn’t mean you have to.
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In Praise of the First Person

David Gooblar,

Why you should be encouraging your undergraduate and graduate students to write in the first person.
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Stuck in the Assessment Swamp?

Kevin Gannon,

It’s little wonder that “assessment” is one of those words that make faculty break out in hives.
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Have Postdoc, Will Travel

Andrew Thaler,

Before you accept that fellowship, consider the high costs — financial and otherwise — of short-term relocations.
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Yes, I Send Fanmail

Rachel Toor,

Once in a while, it’s OK to fawn over writing you admire, even if the author is still breathing.
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Why I Teach Online

Devoney Looser,

It turns out that online instruction is a feminist issue.
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Why Informal Job Interviews Are Worthless

Also this week: the importance of mentoring people who aren’t like you; when a professor is a victim of a racial slur; why you should think like a nonagenarian.
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Stalled in the Writing?

Amy Benson Brown,

The problem may be that you are approaching your project from the outside in, rather than from the inside out.
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Getting Our Students Wrong

David Gooblar,

Why is it always so surprising when our initial impression of a student turns out to be mistaken?
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Mastering the Boring Basics

Nicole Matos ,

Much of teaching is procedural. But making the most of those routine moments can have a big impact in your classroom.
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The Distracted Classroom

New research may help us break the impasse over how to cope with digital diversions in the classroom.
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Conserving Your Teaching Energy

neil baldwin,

In today's college classroom, where affect often supersedes subject, we expend a lot of effort monitoring our students’ feelings.
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Build Yourself a Fortress

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

Must we be Machiavellian to ensure our survival during a leadership transition?
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The Art of ‘No’

Don’t allow yourself to be treated as a checked box on someone else’s to-do list.
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The Limits of Loyalty

Jonathan Rees,

What are the pros and cons of pursuing a faculty career in one place?
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Our Hallways Are Too Quiet

Deborah Fitzgerald,

Technology and family-friendly policies gave us freedom, but has the cost been departmental life?
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Bias in the Machine

Also this week: when students stereotype professors; the link between sexism and rodents of usual size.
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From Ivory to Glass Tower

Mark Carrigan,

Social media has made academia more visible to the wider society, and, thus, made academics more vulnerable.
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Before You Buy Another Planner

Melanie Nelson,

If the journals and calendars aren’t working, it’s time to identify your particular time-use problem.

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