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On Confidence

Melanie Nelson,

It’s the Goldilocks of personality traits. We want just the right amount.
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How to Resign

Natalie Tindall,

Advice on writing the letter, breaking the news, and other details of your departure.
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Get Your Manuscript Out!

Jonathan Rees,

Peer reviewers play a key role in helping you do that, even when they say mean things.
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Career Lingo: 'You Did Great!'

David D. Perlmutter,

Unfortunately, hearing that phrase in an interview does not necessarily mean you will get the job.
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'Dear Forums ...': Will You Be My Mentor?

Also in our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: guidance on where to publish a first book; starting off on the right foot with the new dean.
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Explaining the 9-Month Contract

Karen Kelsky,

No, academics do not get the summers “off.” They’re just not paid for the research they do in those months to earn tenure.
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Don’t Cry for Me, Academia!

Kevin Dettmar,

For some of us, administrative work is not just an obligation or a noble sacrifice — it’s a calling.
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Why I Remain Hopeful

Kelly J. Baker,

Just because I write about what’s wrong with academia doesn’t mean I’m cynical about its future.
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Stick to Two Pages

Karen Kelsky,

Seriously. No one has the time or inclination to read your four-page cover letter.
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Peer Reviewing the Peer Reviews

Angela Heetderks,

With a little help from your friends, you can understand which reviewers have been helpful and which should be ignored.
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On Academic Envy

Theresa MacPhail,

It’s aggravating to experience professional jealousy. It’s even more irritating to realize it’s hampering your own work.
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Tenure-Track Wisdom: Allison Lange

Dan Royles,

The latest in a series of interviews with rookie academics about what they learned in their first year on the tenure track.
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Create a “Yes” Filter

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

Sure I am quite capable of speaking on that topic. Whether I actually want to is the question.
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What Makes a Good Teacher?

Rob Jenkins,

You may never be as funny, approachable, or creative as your favorite teacher — the key is to try.
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4 Simple Ways to Help Them Persist

David Gooblar,

You don’t have to reorganize your whole course to give students opportunities to learn from their mistakes in class.
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Switching Tracks in Academe

Jessica Ehinger,

How a Ph.D. began to prepare in graduate school for a career in campus administration.
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It’s Getting Personal in Here

Kelli Marshall,

Social media has changed teacher-student relationships but is that beneficial, damaging, or something in between?

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