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Peer Reviewing the Peer Reviews

Angela Heetderks,

With a little help from your friends, you can understand which reviewers have been helpful and which should be ignored.
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On Academic Envy

Theresa MacPhail,

It’s aggravating to experience professional jealousy. It’s even more irritating to realize it’s hampering your own work.
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Tenure-Track Wisdom: Allison Lange

Dan Royles,

The latest in a series of interviews with rookie academics about what they learned in their first year on the tenure track.
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Create a “Yes” Filter

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

Sure I am quite capable of speaking on that topic. Whether I actually want to is the question.
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What Makes a Good Teacher?

Rob Jenkins,

You may never be as funny, approachable, or creative as your favorite teacher — the key is to try.
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4 Simple Ways to Help Them Persist

David Gooblar,

You don’t have to reorganize your whole course to give students opportunities to learn from their mistakes in class.
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Switching Tracks in Academe

Jessica Ehinger,

How a Ph.D. began to prepare in graduate school for a career in campus administration.
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It’s Getting Personal in Here

Kelli Marshall,

Social media has changed teacher-student relationships but is that beneficial, damaging, or something in between?
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How to Hope in Graduate School

Kyle Sebastian Vitale,

As doctoral students, we privately struggle with anxieties that turn out to be all too commonly shared.
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Say Nothing or Say No?

Kristen Ghodsee,

Are women judged more harshly for saying no than their male colleagues?
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When You Are the Weakest Link

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

It is always better to be the one who leaves voluntarily than the one whom everyone has to work around.
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Failing to Dare Greatly

Rachel Toor,

Is it only the tenured who have the freedom to take risks anymore in scholarly writing?
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No, I Am Not Pregnant

Emily Van Duyne,

Why women in academe feel our bodies are "always under watch."
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Campus Visits for Newbies

Karen Kelsky,

If the interview process for a tenure-track job sounds grueling, that’s because it absolutely is.
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We're All Failures

Seven scholars reflect on what they learned from their many brushes with defeat.
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Email Lessons for Faculty

Natalie Tindall,

Browbeat your students all you want about being professional on email, but follow your own advice.
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The Top 5 Faculty Morale Killers

Rob Jenkins,

A good midlevel manager can make all the difference in determining whether faculty life is satisfying or unbearable.
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Start Planning Now For Next Semester

David Gooblar,

You can’t build on the successes you achieved this semester if, by the time fall rolls around, you forgot how you achieved them.
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The Men Who Email Me

Kelly J. Baker,

Online harassment is a problem for women who write about anything.

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