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Advice on Being Advised

Claire Kamp Dush,

How can you, as a new graduate student, start out on the right foot with your primary mentor?
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The Death of Cursive Writing

Stephanie Reese Masson,

Turns out, my poor penmanship isn’t the reason students have trouble reading my comments on their essays.
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Making a Statement

Karen Kelsky,

How to draft effective job documents on teaching, research, and diversity.
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Caring Isn't Coddling

Sarah Rose Cavanagh,

We don't have to choose between being intellectually demanding and emotionally sensitive.
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Finding Out Who’s Got Game

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

Three ways to tell if someone has real power or is just desperate to be considered a player.
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Giving Faculty the Freedom to Fail

Jonathan Rees,

Any professors who claim they introduced a new digital tool in the classroom without some kind of friction are probably lying.
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The Loneliness of the Spinster

Hannah McGregor,

We are all reduced when we cordon off our intimate lives, lest they be perceived as a weakness.
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The Academic Side Hustle

Josh Boldt,

Find a marketable talent that is specific enough to limit your competition but still has a big enough client base to grow.
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Do This While You Diss

Nicole Cesare,

Five easy steps you can take in graduate school to prepare for an alt-ac job search.
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Negotiating Authorship

Terry McGlynn,

You need to talk about assigning credit — before the research project gets started.
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Work, Work, Work

Kristen Ghodsee,

It wasn’t until I took a sabbatical overseas that I realized how deeply ingrained workaholism is in the American psyche.
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Do You Fit Us?

David D. Perlmutter,

The hiring department is looking for a person, not just a CV.
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They’ve Got Too Many Choices

Nicole Matos ,

Who, really, is served by the proliferation of narrowly specialized courses in the community-college curriculum?

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