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They’ve Got Too Many Choices

Nicole Matos ,

Who, really, is served by the proliferation of narrowly specialized courses in the community-college curriculum?
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Why I Like the New MLA Handbook

Dara Rossman Regaignon,

The latest edition of the style guide demystifies the secret code of humanities scholarship for students.
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Why I Hate the New MLA Handbook

Dallas Liddle,

The just-published eighth edition is a disservice to students and a potential disaster for scholars.
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Friend or Foe?

Stacey Patton,

Advice for new faculty members on how to tell if a colleague is someone you should befriend or avoid.
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When a Class Clicks

David Gooblar,

We can’t control when or if it happens, but we can help it along.
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Know Your Audience

Jonathan Rees,

Trouble is, it’s more and more difficult to know who is reading in the Internet age.
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Duly Keynoted

Devoney Looser,

Why is the keynote speech such a train wreck at most academic conferences?
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Death by Retreat

Rob Kramer,

Three tactics you should definitely not pursue in organizing a staff retreat.
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The Mentoring Buck Stops Here

Terry McGlynn,

Just because you’re “accessible” and “approachable” doesn’t mean you’re a good mentor.
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Why Are We Ambivalent About Ambition?

Allison M. Vaillancourt,

Well it’s OK to be courted for a leadership role in academe, but don’t let anyone see you actually pursue one.
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'Dear Forums ...': My Student Won't Leave Me Alone. Help!

Also in our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: thoughts on switching departments, right-of-first-refusal clauses, embargoed dissertations, and veering off on tangents in class.
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Should I Apply Again?

Karen Kelsky,

It turns out some academics do ask questions that can be resolved with short answers.
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Tenure-Track Wisdom: Nick Nelson

Dan Royles,

“I wish I had known how much fun I was going to have,” says a new assistant professor about his first year on the job.
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Don't Fear Fund Raising

David D. Perlmutter,

How to persuade faculty members to buy in to a campaign, or even help.
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Notes for a New Faculty Member

Jennifer Burek Pierce,

A classroom veteran offers advice that she wishes she’d gotten early in her teaching career.
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Know What You Don’t Know

Paula Krebs,

Start your new job with a good sense of how to find out what they didn't teach you in grad school.

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