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The Men Who Email Me

Kelly J. Baker,

Online harassment is a problem for women who write about anything.
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How Do You Get Hired by a SLAC?

Karen Kelsky,

Job seekers find plenty of advice on applying to research universities but not so much about how to get hired at liberal-art colleges.
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Look for the Exceptions

David Gooblar,

In the process of correcting students’ mistakes, don’t forget to focus some attention on what they’re doing well.
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Avoiding a Damaging Letter

Karen Kelsky,

A Ph.D. candidate worries about being sabotaged on the job market by a difficult adviser.
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Does it Count for Tenure?

Karen Kelsky,

Publications you produced to get a tenure-track job will most likely play no role in your effort to keep that job.
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Less Is More

David Gooblar,

A detailed class plan full of bullet points is a security blanket. Maybe it’s time to leave more to chance?
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The Dangers of McMindfulness

Kristen Ghodsee,

We shouldn’t let the gospel of meditation seduce us into a false calm about inequities or injustices.
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Asking Faculty for a Favor

Karen Kelsky,

It’s not about sucking up to professors, it’s about respecting their time and showing you’re worth it.
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Ladies, Let’s Negotiate

Melissa Dalgleish,

Brokering a better job offer is full of dangers and pitfalls for women that men don’t have to face.
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Career Options After Tenure

Jamison Kovach,

The path from professor to department chair seems obvious, but exactly how you make that transition is seldom so.
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Socratic Assessment

David Andrew Stoler,

A primer on the lost art of drinking while grading.
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Monetizing the Ph.D.

John Barnes,

Six things not to do when you are not Thomas Edison or Elon Musk.
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Did They Lowball Me?

Karen Kelsky,

I didn’t negotiate my starting salary. Is it too late to try now?
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Accommodations in Academia

David Perry,

Discrimination against the disabled still resides in job ads with ableist requirements and in academics too vulnerable to ask for help.

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