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Looking for advice on finding an academic job and managing your career? Planning to make the leap to a nonfaculty career? Either way, there's a mountain of useful advice to be found in Vitae's archives.
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My Post-Promotion Clarity

Katie Rose Guest Pryal,

Is there an equivalent of the posttenure blues for contingent faculty who have received a promotion?
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A Fellowship Program that Favors Mothers?

Kristen Ghodsee,

Imagine a world where employers actually believed that career breaks enhanced your employment qualifications. A German program is testing that.
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Resolving to Be Better (Rated)

Rob Jenkins,

A professor takes in his students’ critiques, barbs and all, for insights on how to improve his teaching.
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Why I Don’t Give Advice

Terry McGlynn,

People seeking your guidance are looking for wisdom and context, not specific instructions.
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Teaching As Liberation

Kelly J. Baker,

Why bell hooks’ book is as relevant today as it was when it was published 22 years ago.
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Facing an Impossible Choice

Neil Beckett,

That we as contingent faculty take pride in our work is both our greatest virtue and our worst vulnerability.
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It's Just a Job, Right?

James Nikopoulos,

This is why professors who quit academe can’t stop talking about it.
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Love Your Suit

Karen Kelsky,

But not enough to wear the same one for four days of interviews at a conference.
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Bad Writing by Administrators

Rachel Toor,

How to transform generic prose by campus leaders into something people actually want to hear and read.
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Spread Tenure Around

Jonathan Rees,

If faculty keep playing defense rather than offense, the patient will be completely dead before too long.
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Introducing JobTracker

Maren Wood and Brock Read,

A little over a year ago, we announced a plan to figure out who's getting the tenure-track jobs that are so desperately coveted. Now we've got something to show you: a beta version of an interactive tool that takes a data-driven look at the academic job market.

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