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Get Out of Your Department

Paula Krebs,

You’re a new faculty member, no doubt engrossed in your departmental duties. But the rest of the institution needs you, too.
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Whose Name Goes First?

Three scholars share how they resolved a conflict over authorship order on an interdisciplinary article.
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Look What They Make You Give

Elizabeth Rodwell,

A Ph.D.’s quest for a tenure-track job falters when she declines to sacrifice her family life for her career.
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Oh, The Things You Can Do!

Melissa Dalgleish,

Your ability to move into a nonacademic career is less about acquiring new skills than about identifying the ones you already have.
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How to Shorten a CV

Karen Kelsky,

What to cut when job ads, grants, or fellowship applications ask you to submit a vita of only two to three pages.
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Persona Matters

Rachel Toor,

We work so hard to get the content right that we sometimes give short shrift to our delivery methods.
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Fall Semester Post-Mortem

Kevin Gannon,

It wasn’t pretty and I’m glad it’s over. Here’s what I plan to do differently in the new year.
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Career Lingo: “Potential”

David D. Perlmutter,

Potential is like an arrow, pointing in a direction that your future colleagues hope you will travel with them.
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A Plan Is Better Than Luck

Melanie Nelson,

Good strategy is often the difference between a nice idea and one that truly makes a difference in the world.
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'Dear Forums ...': I Have a Group-Work Grading Dilemma.

Also in our weekly roundup of conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: tips on teaching from an outdated textbook; how to prep for an interview with the provost; how to fight new fees on chemical purchases for laboratories.
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Do You Speak Résumé?

Fatimah Williams Castro,

The first column in this series on transforming your CV examines how to effectively describe what you do on a résumé.
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Advice on Being Advised

Claire Kamp Dush,

How can you, as a new graduate student, start out on the right foot with your primary mentor?

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