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Deadline September 16, 2014
Date Posted August 8, 2014

Job Description: This position resides in Engineering Undergraduate Student Affairs in the College of Engineering. Position is responsible for various college level undergraduate advising, graduate and undergraduate applications and support activities. The Director of Advising develops, coordinates, and evaluates Advising in the College of Engineering (COE). The Director supervises Associate and Assistant Directors in the COE and serves a collaborative role with department chairs in supervising departmental advisors. The Director of Advising leads a collaborative team of advisors that compose the Engineering Advising Council and establishes and maintains a clear mission for advisors in the College. The Director of Advising develops and implements a student-learning-outcome-based evaluation process to promote a positive environment of continuous enhancement of advising in the COE. The Director of Advising is active in national-level advising collaborations, including strong presence in the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) and will encourage COE advisors to likewise participate in conferences and meetings at the national level. The Director of Advising reports directly to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs in the COE. This Director of Advising should possess a Ph.D. in a relevant field with appropriate focus and experience in advising, or comparable background and experience. The Director of Advising must have at least five years of leadership experience in advising at the college level or other comparable level. The Director of Advising must have excellent interpersonal skills, organizational skills, attention to detail, effective oral and written communication skills, and public relations skills. The Director of Advising must be able to work with and encourage a diverse student population, and the Director must be effective in working with students one-on-one and in groups. The Director of Advising must be able to infuse positive transformation in COE by working with staff and faculty at the College and departmental levels, and the Director of Advising must work well with internal and external partners of diverse backgrounds. 40% College-level Responsibilities: The Director of Advising will work directly with COE advising staff to oversee all advising responsibilities within the mission of Undergraduate Student Affairs. Specific responsibilities in this area include the following: Leads, evaluates, and administers all aspects of advising in the College of Engineering Academic Advising Office. Directly supervises the Associate Director of Freshman Advising in her respective advising role. Provides a model for advisors in establishing an ethic of care in all activities related to the COE Academic Advising Office. Promotes an atmosphere of continuous improvement in the COE Academic Advising Office and encourages college advisors to pursue continuous professional development with an expectation of their serving as role models and a resource for all departmental-level advising staff. Responsible for supervising the advisement and counseling of all engineering freshmen, engineering students with the undecided engineering major, students of any major with deficit records, students who are not in good academic standing, and student participants in program partnerships with community colleges. Serves as a College petitions officer and leads the College petitions process. Leads COE advising team in development of effective communication methods with students and department advisors. Oversees development and maintenance of advising pages in the COE USA web site. Collaborates with COE coordinators of first-year, research, international, transfer student, K-12, and other programs to infuse a prominent role of effective advising as a retention tool. Leads and administers transfer student advising and admissions in the COE. Ensures quality and consistency of advising for Gator Engineering @ Santa Fe student participants. 30% Departmental-level Responsibilities: The Director of Advising will work directly with department level advising staff and faculty to address concerns specific to advising in the departments. The Director will develop strong working relationships with departmental advising personnel and chairs. Specific responsibilities in this area include the following: Works directly with department advising staff to monitor and assist in addressing their needs and performance in effective advising. Works directly and meets regularly with department faculty undergraduate coordinators and advisors. Develops and administers a certification and training program for faculty coordinators and advisors. Develops and administers best practices for faculty coordinators and advisors. Meets regularly with department chairs to report concerns specific to their departmentadvising. Works with department chair to resolve concerns. Provides recommendations for performance evaluation of department-level staff in the area of advising. 30% College- and University-wide Responsibilities: The Director of Advising will provide oversight and guidance in development of the overall mission of advising in COE, best practices of advising, and a habit of assessment and continuous improvement. Specific responsibilities in this area include the following: Encourages and models a student-centered advising model in COE that promotes positive and continued relationships with students and an ethic of care. Meets with potential engineering majors and their parents to provide them with information about the College of Engineering and the programs offered. Participates in EAC meetings as the COE representative and guides EAC officers and members in development and monitoring of College-level and department-level student learning and performance outcomes and assessment of effectiveness of these outcomes; establishment and documentation of best practices in advising; ensuring proper security of information and records under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and other federal and state laws; development and implementation of a certification process for COE advisors; and building of community with common mission among the advisors throughout the College. Coordinates creation of a written operations manual that documents and standardizes College practices for advising. Participates in the UF Undergraduate Advising Council meetings and related activities. Ensures that COE is fully represented in university-level activities involving advising. Leads the planning, development, and administration of COE-specific programming in UF Preview. Garners participation of department advising faculty and staff in Preview. Develops effective communication tools to more accurately assist incoming students in terms of course placement. Advises and counsels incoming students during the summer Preview program and assists them in the selection of appropriate majors and development of suitable schedules. Serves as a liaison between the Engineering Undergraduate Student Affairs, departmental offices within COE, and other UF Colleges, Santa Fe College and other community colleges, and other entities as related to advising. Fosters a positive working relationship with internal and external partners. Provides on a regular basis a summary of the state of COE advising to the Dean of COE and all department chairs. Serves as director of the Engineering New Student Convocation in August. Assigns planning and implementation roles for all COE Academic Advising Office advisors. Coordinates participation of undergraduate coordinators and advisors. Assists Associate Dean of Undergraduate Student Affairs in developing the program. Serves as liaison with all participants, including the new students, musicians, platform party, etc. Trains student volunteers, marshals, etc. and runs the ceremony. Handles correspondence, telephone calls, and mail; schedules meetings as appropriate to the position. Responds to inquiries from enrolled and prospective students and the public concerning engineering academic programs, and provides appropriate answers to referrals. Establishes and maintains files of office correspondence, documents, reports, and other records.
Minimum Requirements: A Master's degree in an appropriate area of specialization and six years of appropriate experience; or a bachelor's degree in an appropriate area of specialization and eight years of appropriate experience.
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