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Deadline October 07, 2014
Date Posted August 5, 2014

Job Description: UFSmall Animal Hospital is recruiting for a Veterinary Technician for their Emergency and Critical Care Unit. This position will act as a floater between triage and providing nursing care for critically ill patients. This position will assist clinicians and students with emergency and critical care patients and procedures. This position will have an intermediate responsibility to provide instruction and demonstration to students, interns, and residents in a clinical setting. The person is expected to communicate effectively and demonstrate critical thinking and professionalism. This position requires a strong knowledge of veterinary nursing care and techniques and demonstrates situational awareness. This position requires a basic understanding of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and disease processes. This position requires a post offer health assessment and criminal background check. This position works mainly Thursday through Sunday from 12:00 pm 10:00pm and on some holidays. Shift may vary depending on needs of the area.
Minimum Requirements: Graduation from an accredited American Veterinary Medical Association program for veterinary technology and\/or met requirements for certification in the state of Florida; or a high school diploma and four years of veterinary work experience. Minimum of two years of practical experience in an academic hospital environment or equivalent education and practical experience in private practice. Documented completion of 20 hours continuing education within the last two years. Cross training may substitute for continuing education. Successful completion of the basic skills mastery list.
Preferred Qualifications 1. Graduation from an accredited veterinary technology program and\\:or certified veterinary technician 2. Knowledge of animal care and nursing, especially critical care. 3. Knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, and terminology. 4. Knowledge of the equipment and materials used and their availability and applications. 5. Ability to effectively maintain a working environment while in stressful situations. 6. Ability to effectively communicate with employees of various levels and responsibilities. 7. Ability to demonstrate situational awareness
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