Assistant Director, College Housing #096176

University of Chicago in Illinois

Deadline August 22, 2014
Date Posted July 31, 2014
Type Administrative
Salary Commensurate with experience
Employment Type Full-time

The University of Chicago is one of the nation's leading institutions of higher education and research. Campus and Student Life (CSL) is a division comprised of 20 departments that serve the University's 15,000 college, graduate, and professional school students, as well as the campus community more broadly. CSL is importantly charged with the dual task of supporting all students in the University, graduate and undergraduate, and managing multiple campus departments and services that serve the entire campus community. CSL's programs and services focus on supporting student academic success, providing opportunities for personal growth and leadership development, developing community and engagement through the residential housing and dining program, and in areas such as artistic expression, community service, spiritual exploration, and athletic competition. The University of Chicago community includes approximately 5,000 undergraduates and 10,000 graduate, professional, and other students and there are over 300 recognized student organizations working together to create a vibrant and dynamic student life.

The University of Chicago is located in the Hyde Park/South Kenwood neighborhood, a racially and economically diverse residential community of 43,000 people on the shores of Lake Michigan, about fifteen minutes south of downtown Chicago.

The core mission of the University of Chicago undergraduate student housing program is to deliver a residential environment which supports the academic success of its residents. The primary strategy for the delivery of such an environment is through a residence life program that which aims to develop strong residential communities that are self-regulating, supportive of academic success; provide a strong sense of belonging, and rich opportunities for personal, cultural, social and intellectual development. The leadership of residential faculty and adult staff in fostering these experiences is key to the success of the mission.

Reporting to the Associate Director for Community Life in College Housing, the Assistant Director has two major areas of responsibility: direct oversight and liaison with a portion of the residence hall communities and central office administrative or program management responsibilities. Assistant Directors also serve as Deans on Call (DOC) in the University DOC system, working directly with University police and medical and mental health professionals. The typical work week is M-F with routine requirements for evening and weekend work. In addition, the Assistant Director must adhere to Campus and Student Life core values, including, but not limited to student development, customer service, collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness, credibility, responsiveness, quality, accountability, and mutual respect.


Supervises the staff in two or more residence halls, including Resident Heads and Assistants. Works closely with the resident staff, including Resident Heads, Resident Assistants and Resident Masters, and other student leaders to plan programs, build strong and engaged a residential community and review residence hall policies and procedures. Plans and conducts regular staff meetings, including night time and weekend meetings. Serves as the College Housing office liaison to the hall councils. In partnership with the Resident Heads, coordinates and manages the counseling and discipline of residents. Attends various programs and activities sponsored by Resident Masters, Resident Heads, and councils. Works with Residence Hall Managers to resolve and communicate plant or services issues. Coordinates community-specific programs and services provided by other campus offices. Serves on committees convened to review issues of importance to the College Houses. Assists in the formulation and review of College Housing policies and procedures. Serves as 'Dean on Call' in the University Deans on Call (DOC) system, working directly with University police, and medical and mental health professionals. Serves as a representative of College Housing to various academic and administrative offices and committees within the University.  

The Assistant Director in College Housing receives a combination of an annual salary, and a furnished apartment in one of the University residence halls. All of the Assistant Directors in College Housing must live in an assigned residence hall. In addition, the Assistant Director and his or her immediate family are provided with a full meal contract in the University's dining halls while classes are in session. The Assistant Director is eligible for all University benefits, including health coverage, life insurance, and retirement, vacations, and tuition reduction for University course work.  

Assistant Director, College Housing: Serves as the liaison with the residence halls and serves as the direct supervisor to staff in two to five of the residence halls (up to 45 Resident Heads and Assistants). Works closely with the Resident Masters in supervision of staff, planning programs, and review of residence hall policies and procedures. Plans and conducts biweekly staff meetings. Serves as the College Housing liaison to the hall councils of two to five buildings; Attends council meetings on a regular basis. Consults and directs Resident Heads. Responds to policy violations and other problem behavior in the Communities, facilitates counseling and referral for residents as necessary. Directly adjudicates resident policy violations as appropriate, and in conjunction with the Resident Heads. Attends various programs and activities sponsored by Masters, Heads and councils. Works with operations and facilities management staff to resolve physical plant or services issues. Coordinates residence hall or House-specific programs and services. Collaborates with other campus offices including College Programming, College Admissions, Athletics, Alumni and Development. Meets weekly with staff from the College, Student Counseling, and the Campus and Student Life central office to coordinate support systems for students.
Central office administrative responsibilities:
Plans and implements the staff training program including pre-term and in-service programs. Conducts annual review and publication of resident staff manual and other materials related to resident staff support. Manages Resident Head and Resident Assistant staff selection. Coordinates disciplinary review process. Meets regularly with facilities and operations staff in Residential Services. Reviews and consults in areas related to maintenance, housekeeping, and desk operations of the residence halls.

Serves as needed on committees of staff and/or students convened to review issues of importance to College Housing. Assists in the formulation and review of College Housing policies and procedures. Assists in the writing of various publications and web-based materials. Plans and implements meetings of the residential dining commons committees. Serves as a College Housing representative to various academic and administrative offices and committees within the University.

Meets regularly with close campus partners, including The College, Residential Services, UChicago Dining, International House, and other departments within Campus and Student Life.

Dean on Call Duty Rotation:
Responds to any serious incidents involving University students as 'Dean on Call'. The incidents may include, but are not limited to such things as medical or psychiatric emergencies, arrests, suicide attempts, situations in which students are victims of crimes to person or property, and disruptions involving students. Works closely with University Police, The College, College Housing, hospital staff, mental health professionals, and various academic and administrative offices. Resolves the student problems, and where necessary, in formulating an official University administrative response. The duty rotation involves 8-10 members of the Dean of Students Office, and the on-call period is for one week at a time.  Assistant Directors can expect to be scheduled as Dean On Call up to three times per quarter.


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