University Housing Director of Residence Life and Educational Initiatives

University of Oregon in Oregon

Deadline August 18, 2014
Date Posted July 16, 2014
Type Administrative
Salary 85,000-100,000
Employment Type Full-time


University of Oregon

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University Housing:  Director of Residence Life & Educational Initiatives

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Location:  Eugene

Closing date: Open Until Filled


The University of Oregon Housing Department is currently accepting applications for Director of Residence Life & Educational Initiatives.    Annual Salary:   $85,000 - $100,000, commensurate with relevant experience and education; highly competitive benefits package.


To ensure consideration, please submit application materials by Monday, August 18, 2014. The position will remain open until filled.




The Division of Student Life (formerly Student Affairs) supports the universitys academic mission through comprehensive programs and services that promote and advance student learning and success while fostering an inclusive and vibrant campus community.  The Division is comprised of eight departments: Career Center, University Counseling and Testing Center, Office of the Dean of Students, Erb Memorial Union, University Health Center, Holden Center for Leadership and Community Engagement, University Housing, and the Department of Physical Education and Recreation.


The Director oversees the management of the day-to-day operations of the residence halls, family housing and university apartments, and resident services and systems. The Director, a key leadership position within University Housing, is responsible for fostering intellectual stimulation in the residential communities by drawing upon the academic resources offered by the faculty and that of a research university and the larger community. The Director oversees and collaborates with the Residence Life Leadership Team to cultivate strategic relationships with academic partners including but not limited to Undergraduate Studies, Robert D. Clark Honors College, UO Libraries, and specific academic departments, colleges, and research centers in developing and implementing academic initiatives in the residential communities. Additionally, the Director partners with Student Life departments to create, support and achieve successful living learning communities, and to expand the learning outcomes and co-curricular academic initiatives throughout the residential community system. Ultimately, the living learning communities of University Housing aspire to broaden first-year and returning students vision of what it means to be a learner at a liberal arts academy and research extensive institution; deepen students understanding of how knowledge is created and disseminated; and integrate their residential and academic lives. The Director effectively works and teams up with all Housing units, Human Recourses, Business Office, Facilities, Dining Services, Information Technology, Support Services and Marketing to accomplish the strategic plan of University Housing. Furthermore, in robust collaboration with its academic partners, the Director oversees the implementation and oversight of assessment instruments to evaluate the efficacy of academic residential programs and living learning communities. A principal pedagogical objective of the Director is to expand the academic enterprise beyond the walls of the classroom and foster out-of-class interaction between students, staff, and faculty so that learning and academics becomes an integral and essential part of the residential experience. The Director is supervised by the Director of Housing, serves on a team of leaders (Administrative Staff) that provide overall departmental direction, and is an important member of the Division of Student Life staff.   

The Division of Student Life supports the universitys academic mission through comprehensive programs and services that promote student learning and success while fostering an inclusive and vibrant campus community. With a commitment to diversity and partnerships with academic departments, the 600+ faculty and staff members of Student Life play a significant role in preparing students for a culture of learning in a global society. The Division is comprised of eight departments: Career Center, University Counseling and Testing Center, Office of the Dean of Students, Erb Memorial Union, University Health Center, Holden Center for Leadership and Community Engagement, University Housing, and the Department of Physical Education and Recreation.

University Housing is committed to facilitating students development as they build an inclusive community, establish a sense of home, and succeed academically. University Housing values diversity and respect, integrity and equity, learning and growth, responsibility and accountability, and safety and security. University Housing staff work hard to incorporate these values into daily work and practices to ensure an excellent University of Oregon experience. Living on campus adds tremendous value to the University experience and contributes to a higher grade point average, staying and graduating from the University and future success for most students.

Services and units within University Housing include Residence Life, Family Housing and University Apartments, Dining Services, Catering and Conference Services, marketing, promotions, public relations, and communications, ResNet, Facilities Services, and Business Affairs.


University Housing is both an educational and business enterprise of the university with a current annual budget of around 52 million dollars.  University Housing is an auxiliary self-sustaining, self-liquidating agency of the university (receives no tuition or tax support for its operating budget).  University Housing currently houses and provides dining for around 4,000 residence hall students and houses more than 400 student families. In addition, University Housing operates dining venues, and conference services, including catering for most of the campus.



Description of Specific Duties and Percentage of Time




  • Provides guidance, assistance, and supervises the Residence Life Leadership Team: 5 functional Assistant Directors (Resident Services and Systems, Student Conduct and Outreach, Leadership and Community Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, and Student Staff Development and Orientation Programs); 1-Director of Residential Academic Communities (pending dual appointment with the Office of Undergraduate Studies);
  • Supervises an Assistant to the Director.
  • Provides exceptional leadership for the RL unit through the direct reports of the Assistant Directors, including 9-Residence Life Coordinators, 4-Assistant Residence Life Coordinators, 1-Officer of Administration, 6-Classified staff, 1-Coordinator of Assessment (dual appointment with Student Life), 119 resident assistants, 5 centralized student office assistants, and 50 student service center assistants.
  • Serves as the hiring authority and oversees residential initiatives including but not limited to, staff recruitment, hiring, orientation, training, supervision and the evaluation of a highly talented and engaged RL team.
  • Works collaboratively with University Housing units (Facilities, Dining, Administration, and Marketing) and with various university agencies to ensure that department and University goals are achieved.
  • Works collaboratively with the Assistant Directors in overseeing the day-to-day functions and operations of the residence halls while implementing all learning objectives, service standards and strategic goals that are consistent with the mission and goals of the University and University Housing, as well as occupancy management for the residence halls, family housing and university apartments.
    • Ensures the collaboration of residence life staff with other areas of the department and the University.
  • Oversees on-going staff development and in-service activities for the purpose of continued training and professional development and implementation of the Residence Life Professional Staff competency model.
  • Guides Residence Life to create seamless operational and administrative environment that exceeds student needs and expectations, and is highly responsive to parents, residence life staff, and the needs of other units in University Housing and the University Community.
  • Oversees communication of RL staff to ensure a high standard of customer relations is upheld in all cases with students, staff, parents, Student Life, academia, and the communities beyond the university.
  • Model and promotes a multicultural and learning organization that strives toward professional and cultural competencies. Oversees University Housings diversity and multicultural organizational development initiatives.
  • Assures neighborhood teams are receiving appropriate support, vision, and guidance from all Leadership team members within their functional area to ensure strong and balanced communities.  
  • Mentors and coaches residence life staff in reaching their greatest success as an engaged and caring learning organization by initiating meaningful one-to-one and group conversations.





  • Provides leadership resulting in policies and programs that:  a. Ensure an academic environment in the residence halls and family housing.  b. Produce respectful community environments in the residence halls and family housing.  c. Promote safety in the residence halls and family housing.  d. Enhance the personal growth, development, and maturity of individual residents in the residence halls.
  • Oversees all academic initiatives for University Housing. Originate and guide programs that accelerate the academic, interpersonal, behavioral, and leadership skills for all residents in the RL learning objectives.
  • Coordinates teams of key players in collaborating to develop, implement, and achieve living-learning communities and various programs that bridge the in- and out-of-class experience in the residence halls including the faculty scholar, faculty fellows program, residential First Year Interest Groups, and Academic Residential Communities.
  • Supervises all assessment measures for programs in the residence halls and apartment/family housing.
  • Oversees the development and instruction of the peer mentor leadership course required of all new resident assistants.
  • Responds to and manages crisis situations, interpersonal conflicts, and community problems and concerns exercising sound judgment consistent with department policies, goals and mission.
  • Provides timely information/communication in: a. emergency situations b. other situations requiring involvement beyond the residence life area.
  • Provides avenues of input and represents departmental positions to residence hall and family housing students.
  • Works closely with the department and other offices to promote diversity within the residence halls and family housing.
  • Oversees the conduct process and students rights and responsibilities regarding the student conduct code and University Housing policies and collaborates within RL Leadership Team to ensure consistency among the day-to-day conduct processes. Works collaboratively with the Office of Student Conduct.
  • Develops a collaborative relationship with representatives from the Office of Student Conduct, the Dean of Student Office and the University of Oregon Police Department to discuss conduct issues, students of concern and safety and security concerns in the residence halls.
  • Provides direction and leadership to Residence Life Learning Objectives, the Student Life Learning Areas and the Co-curriculum.
  • Provides direction and leadership to Residence Hall Association (RHA), and leadership initiatives within Residence Life.
  • Responds to emergencies as needed to assist and support students and staff. Coordinates and evaluates all emergency crisis response as appropriate and provides information/communication of emergency situations and students of concerns to Residence Life staff and the Dean of Students Office. Serves as a referral source for Residence Life and University Housing staff during emergency response and crisis management.
  • Enrich communication and understanding between Student Life and academic cultures and partners.  Continue outreach to research-active, tenure-line faculty through substantive 1:1 meetings, department visits, new faculty reception, and collaborations with our institutional partners.  Generally raise awareness about our living learning communities and academic residential programs.  Also, consider methods of supporting and/or acknowledging faculty for the contributions to residence hall students.  
  • Cultivate integrated student-centered undergraduate education (in- and out-of-class learning/ curricular and co-curricular) 
  • Help foster inclusive, transparent, dynamic collaborations with Student Life and Academic Affairs partners across campus.




  • Models cross-divisional collaboration and interdependence and cultivates an academic climate and intellectual engagement in the residence halls by drawing upon the academic resources offered by the faculty, and that of the research university and the larger community.
  • Represents University Housing and makes presentations at the request of the Director of Housing.
  • Effectively represents and explains departmental positions, mission, and goals to the Residence Life staff.
  • Effectively communicates input of the Residence Life staff to the Director of Housing and other department leaders.
  • Oversee the selection and implementation of a new Housing Management System.
  • Chairs and/or attends various committees and meetings within Residence Life, University Housing, and Student Life.
  • Synthesizes University and department mission and goals, supervisory and staff input, and management information to appropriately make judgments, set direction, and exercise leadership.
  • Shall, in all aspects of policy development, hiring, training, supervision, evaluation, and program development, promote appreciation of diversity in the best interest of University Housing and consistent with the mission and goals of the University and University Housing.
  • Oversees University Housings involvement in events that focus on the recruitment, orientation, and retention of students at the University of Oregon.
  • Oversees collaboration of Residence Life staff and external partners to develop a coherent narrative across multiple media (e.g. analog and digital publications and literature) illuminating the mission, objectives, structure, and potentials for learning communities and academic initiatives.
  • Works as a key member of the University Housing team to develop, represent and implement public relations and marketing goals to increase occupancy, retention, student satisfaction and success.
  • Oversees long and short range planning and policy development for the residence halls while providing avenues of input from constituents and presents departmental positions and policies to the residence hall students, parents, and campus communities.
  • Oversees the annual benchmarking survey and assessment efforts of residence life and family housing.
  • Oversees the department petition process and ensures prompt follow-up with students, parents, faculty and others providing prompt resolutions of problems and concerns in a manner consistent with department policies, goals, and mission.
  • Ensures that services and administrative processes in residence halls and family housing are effectively communicated, delivered and evaluated including assignments, billing, annual agreements/leases, move in/out, etc.
  • Ensures sound fiscal policy and administrations within Residence Life and shares responsibility for department wide fiscal management with the Administrative Staff including management of budgets, approves purchases, manages purchase orders, tracks/reports expenditures, determines merit increases, and coordinates capital and programmatic requests, and student payroll for assigned areas.
  • Works collaboratively with Housing Facilities on maintenance requests and updates, renovations, and new construction.
  • Communicates regularly with the Director of University Housing in regards to the issues, problems, and concerns in the residence halls and with staff and students. Provides continuous updates and submits annual executive summary including assessment to the Director of Housing.
  • Oversees and responds to complaints/concerns of students and parents while coordinating with other housing staff in resolving the concern. Provides detailed written documentation.
  • Oversees strategic planning, tactical implementation, and assessment of programs and services in Residence Life and participates in University Housing and Student Life processes.
  • Assists with implementation of University Housings continuity plan and responses to campus as essential staff.
  • Serves and participates in local, state, regional, and national conferences and associations while maintaining current on Student Life research and literature.




  • Works on special projects within University Housing.
  • Represents the Director of Housing at meetings as requested.
    • Represents University Housing with other departments on campus.
    • Works unusual hours, including weekends and evenings.
    • Other duties as assigned.



Number of employees supervised

            1      Classified                                     35% of time spent in supervision


             6-7  Officers of Administration



Minimum Qualifications

  • An accredited masters degree in Student Affairs or higher education or related field.
  • Seven years of progressively responsible experience      in residence life/housing, Student Life, or related field.
  • Demonstrated experience and commitment to working effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds, in support of an inclusive and welcoming environment.
  • Demonstrated experience hiring, training, mentoring, motivating, and supervising a diverse staff.
  • Demonstrated experience with student academic      initiatives and living learning communities.
  • Demonstrated experience with student conduct,      emergency response and crisis management.


Additional Required Qualifications

  • Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective and collaborative supervisory and colleague working relationships.
  • Demonstrated excellent organizational and administrative skills, including budget management.
  • Demonstrated excellent written, oral and inter-personal communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage conflicts and crisis situations.
  • Demonstrated success cultivating relationships and expertise creating collaborative partnerships with staff, faculty, students, parents, and with numerous university stakeholder groups.
  • Demonstrated ability to be innovative in shaping programs and services.
  • Demonstrated high standard of integrity and excellent judgment; and adaptability, flexibility, and a collegial and engaging interpersonal style.
  • The successful candidate must pass a criminal background check.
  • Demonstrated strong ability to work      collaboratively with others in a diverse environment.
  • Demonstrated      excellent oral and written      communication skills, including interpersonal, organizational,      intercultural, one-on-one, in small and large groups.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Three years progressively responsible experience      of serving as a university conduct officer
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience with      academic initiatives in a residential setting/residential programs at a      college or university.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of student and leadership      development theory and its application in a residential environment.
  • Demonstrated experience with analyzing and      resolving conflict, team building, group dynamics, and problem solving      skills.
  • Demonstrated experience with program development      and assessment.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of      social justice and diversity, and an ability to work with a wide variety      of people while recognizing the needs of underrepresented ethnic, racial,      religious and cultural students, international students, the lesbian, gay,      bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community, women, and individuals      with disabilities.
  • Demonstrated ability to foster and work in a dynamic, highly collaborative, team-oriented environment.
  • Demonstrated strong record of administration, including experience in program assessment and strategic planning; proficiency with organizational development and managing organizational change.
  • Demonstrated fluency with current research/scholarship on learning communities and out-of-class interactions with faculty.
  • Demonstrated familiarity with national trends supporting student development.
  • A Ph.D./Ed.D.
  • Demonstrated ability to think creatively and identify      opportunities for improvement.
  • Teaching experience at the college level.



The finalist for this position is required to complete a criminal background check.


Application Procedure:


Please note: Cover letter, résumé, and answers to supplemental question(s) should clearly demonstrate how applicant meets the requirements of the position.  Please send all documents as separate email attachments, not in the body of the email.

For full consideration, applicants must submit:


  • Cover letter which      expresses your interest in the position
  • Current résumé,      which includes dates of employment
  • Complete      Unclassified Employment Application, available at
  • Name, address and      phone number of at least three professional references, one of which must      be current or most recent supervisor (if not currently employed).  Candidate will be notified prior to      references being contacted.
  • Answers to the      following supplemental question:
  1. The Division of Student Life is intentionally creating a multicultural organization that actively includes and engages everyone.  What does this mean to you, AND if you are selected as the Director of Residence Life & Educational Initiatives, how will you help the Division of Student Life achieve this goal?


To ensure consideration, please submit complete application materials by 11:59 PM PST, Monday, August 18, 2014.       The position will remain open until filled.    

You may submit application materials by email to: Gina Van Dusen at  or by Postal Service to:

            Gina Van Dusen, Exec Asst to Director

            University Housing

            1220 University of Oregon

            Eugene, OR 97403


The University of Oregon is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution committed to cultural diversity and compliance with the ADA.  The University encourages all qualified individuals to apply, and does not discriminate on the basis of any protected status, including veteran and disability status.