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Deadline August 04, 2014
Date Posted July 7, 2014

Job Description: The candidate will be an accomplished synthetic/medicinal chemist with knowledge of medicinal chemistry as it is applied to small-molecule and peptide drug discovery, with a proven track record of successful drug discovery project leadership, exemplified by patents, public presentations and/or publications. Major responsibilities associated with this position will involve the development of medicinal chemistry efforts on drug discovery projects, including the design, synthesis, purification and characterization of novel chemical entities. The qualified individual must be proficient in identifying structure activity relationships (SAR) to address potency, selectivity, pharmacokinetics and in vivo efficacy, and is expected to contribute to pre-clinical research projects. The candidate is expected to develop an independent research program and work closely with basic and translational researchers at UF. Additionally, the candidate will have the ability to supervise the professional development and mentoring of junior-level research staff (i.e., post-doctoral fellows). The successful candidate is expected to contribute to the academic mission of the department.
Minimum Requirements: The position requires a Ph.D. degree in medicinal chemistry, or other related field.
Preferred Qualifications Experience in radiation oncology and a knowledge of agents relevant to cancer therapy, radiation sensitization and radiation protection would be desirable.
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