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Deadline July 30, 2014
Date Posted July 2, 2014

Job Description: Duties and responsibilities include: (1) Helping Dr. Ding provide technical and strategic oversight of lab projects and other higher-level managerial duties. (2) Assisting Dr. Ding with writing grant proposals, editing manuscripts, creating progress reports, and provide assistance with routine paperwork. (3) Helping to supervise graduates research assistants, as well as undergraduate students; conducting student training and lab meetings. (4) Helping to oversee equipment maintenance and equipment training, human research protocols and compliance. (5) Conducting phases of research projects related to tissue engineering and materials science. Compiling and analyzing data. Writing reports and manuscripts, and discussing results. University of Florida counts among its greatest strengths and a major component of its excellence that it values broad diversity in its faculty, students, and staff and creates a robust, inclusive and welcoming climate for learning, research and other work. UF is committed to equal educational and employment opportunity and access and seeks individuals of all races, ethnicities, genders and other attributes who, among their many exceptional qualifications, have a record of including a broad diversity of individuals in work and learning activities. The University of Florida is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Minimum Requirements: Applicants must have a Ph.D. plus postdoctoral research experience in the neuroimaging and signal processing area.
Preferred Qualifications Expertise and ability to work with multimodal neuroimaging data, including fMRI, structural MRI, and EEG. Familiarity with the application and interpretation of time series analysis tools such as autoregressive models, coherence, and Granger causality. Management of a nationally competitive research program that is well funded and which produces publications in leading journals. Applicants must have experience with manuscript preparation and submission, grant writing, and managing students.
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