Sr. Registered Nurse Specialist

University of Florida in Florida

Deadline July 15, 2014
Date Posted June 16, 2014
Type Administrative
Salary 52,904.00-68,000.00
Employment Type Full-time

This position that will serve as an Urologic Oncology Patient Navigator that will work collaboratively with the multidisciplinary team of physicians, allied health providers and administrative support to create and implement quality metrics for Urologic Oncology Patients.

1. Coordinate intake of all urologic oncology patients, ensure complete and accurate medical records for initial consultation, assures UF & Shands diagnostic imaging and pathology services are coordinated to deliver diagnostic information to conference and clinics, organize multidisciplinary care with medical/radiation oncology. Assessing data reflective of the patients status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patients requirement, responsible for interpreting the code of federal regulations and procedures, ensures access, continuity of care and coordination to necessary diagnostic, therapeutic and referral services for urologic oncology patients, maintain organized and efficient service, provide support to physicians, staff and other health care professionals. Responsible for participating in the identification of alterations in the patients health and communicating appropriate data to physicians and other team members, implementation of clinical interventions based upon established treatment protocols, anticipating potential outcomes for patients at risk for complications, demonstrate ability to assess data reflective of the patients status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patients needs, develop health education programs, develop and implement programs monitoring methodologies, techniques and plans. Periodic review of the project activities and programs to insure compliance with nursing standard and policies. Assess data reflective of the patients status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patients requirement within the practice of nursing.

2. Assist in identifying and recruiting potentially eligible patients into relevant clinical trials and other programs aimed to reduce health care disparities and improve patient outcomes, independently coordinate and oversee all aspects of clinical trials, ensure all aspects of the clinical trial process are completed accurately, manage multiple clinical trials projects in both general urology and oncology, examine and computes study forms, communicate financial needs and limitations of program/project. Assist faculty and department administration with the identification and development of new projects, including budgetary and regulatory subject area.

3. Collaborate with other members of the patient navigator service to assure coverage of all patient care needs, supervise administrative staff as assigned to the urologic oncology group navigation program, participate in community outreach and education regarding assigned urologic oncology groups and support physicians. Serves as a liaison between internal/referring physicians, other members of the care team and to patients assuring that patients emotional and support needs are addressed, appropriate clinical and administrative information is communicated to patient in a timely manner, assure seamless transition of patient through the care process across the multiple departments of the College of Medicine and Shands Healthcare.

4. Responsible for the organization and facilitation of multidisciplinary conferences and clinics to assure case materials are assembled, patients scheduled and appropriate patient follow-up occurs. Serve in capacities as required by the needs of the urologic oncology group within the scope of licensure. Generate end of month reports summarizing patients statistics

5. Other duties as assigned


Minimum requirements:  Licensed as a registered nurse in accordance with Chapter 464, Florida Statutes*


Preferred qualification: Experience as a urologic oncology patient navigator, at least 2 years experience working in a collaborative multidisciplinary urologic oncology program.  Experience in specific organ group. OCN Certification. 5 years clinical experience, 1 year supervisory. If not OCN certified, will attain certification within 24 months of employment.


Criminal background check and post offer health assessment required.


This is a time-limited position.


If you are a Florida resident claiming veteran's preference, please upload a copy of your DD-214 for consideration.






How To Apply

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