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Deadline May 11, 2014
Date Posted April 11, 2014

Job Description: This Engineer position is part of the Autonomous Vehicles Lab team at the University of Florida (REEF) facility located in Shalimar, FL. and will conduct research in the areas of: Air and Ground Vehicles, Cooperative Autonomous Systems, and GPS-Denied Navigation. 35% Responsible for working on current research projects in the area of development and test of ground and air robotic vehicles necessary to achieve the research objectives; to include mathematical modeling and optimization approaches in the context of problems relevant to the interests of AFOSR and AFRL Munitions Directorate. Mathematical programming problems in Air Force Science and Technology are the emphasis of this task. Will collaborate with university students located at REEF as well as faculty managing the daily work of the project(s) and assist with planning, establishing, and coordinating a best practice policy that will allow activity to meet project guidelines and deliverables. Meet regularity with other faculty and researchers to ensure deadlines, project requirements, and security issues remain in compliance with Department, College, UF and Sponsor guidelines. May be required to represent research results at various meetings, conferences, or review sites. Will work with project PI to provide statistical summaries and adhere to budgetary boundaries established for specific project(s). 35% Responsible for successful design, and layout (blueprint and Cad) of complex, mission-critical vehicles using avenues both computational and experimental. Incumbent will be required to have a hands-on approach regarding the use and operation of machinery to configure, implement, and manufacture deliverables. This includes operation of: CNC machine, 3-d printers, lathes, presses, and other machinery associated with the machine shop located at the REEF facility. You will be responsible for leading the research group in discussion of problem solving techniques regarding d&m (design and manufacturing), analytical evaluations, and possess knowledge of contemporary engineering problem solving. 20% Although required to perform independently, this position will also function as part of a team environment and assist others where/when required. This may be in the area of: scheduling work to be performed, supply ordering, inventory control, and other related activity. You will be required to develop and implement usage and safety procedures for equipment and software and maintain maintenance manuals and logs for the lab/research facility. Equipment may include; quad-rotors, ground vehicles, netting and other equipment available to conduct this task. Software will include; MS Visual Studio, AutoCAD, and other robotic-focused tools for analyzing autopilot stability and estimation accuracy. 10% May assist with providing information required for future proposal submissions which can include identifying core research themes that provide unique value, are of strategic importance to current research directions, and help to further the UF REEFreputation as a leader in research and technology in the area of Autonomous Vehicles.
Minimum Requirements: A bachelor's degree in an appropriate area of specialization; or a high school diploma and four years of appropriate experience. Appropriate college coursework or vocational\/technical training may substitute at an equivalent rate for the required experience.
Preferred Qualifications A Bachelordegree in engineering. Hands-on experience inn robotics, autonomous vehicles, or related experience. The employee must be able to effectively communicate with people from all cultures. The employee must be highly organized, detail oriented, able to multi-task, and possess excellent research skills.
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