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Deadline May 31, 2014
Date Posted March 4, 2014

Job Description: The Student Services Coordinator creates an instructional and organizational environment that promotes superior faculty productivity, exceptional student learning, student engagement with MaddieShelter Medicine Program, and enthusiasm for the field of Shelter Medicine. Coordinates logistical and administrative aspects of MaddieShelter Medicine Programeducational activities to create an exemplary teaching and learning experience for instructors and students. Provides information, advice, assistance, and encouragement to students in Shelter Medicine to ensure students achieve educational goals, understand and meet program requirements, experience an enriched training environment, and develop rapport with MSMP. Facilitates educational activities to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the shelter medicine teaching program. Furthers the role of UF Shelter Medicine as a leader in shelter medicine education in order to advance MSMP educational programs, improve enrollment, and build relationships with potential students and partners. Other duties as assigned
Minimum Requirements: Master's degree in an appropriate area of specialization; or a bachelor's degree in an appropriate area of specialization and two years of appropriate experience.
Preferred Qualifications Experience: 2-5 yearsexperience in higher education setting Demonstrated experience in project management Experience with common learning management systems (e.g. Sakai, Moodle) preferred but not required Skills: Excellent writing skills Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, especially Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Able to plan and execute a project from start to finish with little oversight; Self-directed Able to structure documents, presentations, conversations in logical, succinct, simple ways Able to present ideas effectively in formal and informal situations Logic model and\\:or impact assessment Teaching and\\:or training Public speaking Has an understanding of fundamentals of higher education Education: Bachelordegree or equivalent Certification\\:Licensing Florida Driverlicense Characteristics \\: Behaviors Strong attention to detail Passion and enthusiasm for animal welfare and\\:or education Commitment to student success Genuine interest in working with students and faculty Dedicated to promotion of organizational mission Comfortable communicating with a wide variety of stakeholders (may include undergraduate or veterinary students, academic managers and administrators, faculty, and professional practitioners of shelter medicine)
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