Associate Director, Admissions and Career Services

Kenan-Flagler Business School in North Carolina

Deadline March 05, 2014
Date Posted February 5, 2014
Type Administrative
Salary 65,000-85,000
Employment Type Full-time

The Associate Director of Admissions and Career Services is responsible for marketing the program, recruiting a sufficient number of high quality students and placing the admitted students into high quality accounting positions. The Associate Director is expected to not only be part of the program’s strategies but also be able to independently determine recruitment strategies and marketing platforms, all while demonstrating the drive and initiative to bring the MAC Program to the next level. The Associate Director for Admissions and Career Services for the MAC Program has four critical objectives: 1. Marketing the MAC Program; 2. Recruiting sufficient number of high quality students (to include diverse candidates and International students); 3. Building and maintaining strong networks with MAC recruiting firms and companies; and 4. Preparing students for recruiting process and ensuring their success. The successful growth of the MAC Program and continuing its reputation of a strong student profile very much hinge on the ability to successfully market and recruit with creativity and consistency. Therefore, personal initiative, a passionate desire to see the MAC Program grow and the ability to demonstrate innovation are traits that are vital in the Associate Director. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively network are also important components of recruiting and marketing. Additionally, strong sales techniques are essential and will be used frequently as the Associate Director explores new and innovative ways to advance the MAC Program’s reputation and market value. The Associate Director shall accomplish the above objectives via the following: 1. Benchmarking with other top MAC Programs for best practices in both admissions and career services; 2. Studying current trends in both admissions and career services to better position UNC’s MAC Program; 3. Travel to specific targeted cities and undergraduate institutions for both recruitment and career services purposes; 4. Continued individual student counseling and Career Services workshops, and 5. Consistent data gathering and analyses relevant to both admissions and career services.

How To Apply

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