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Deadline February 12, 2014
Date Posted January 29, 2014

Job Description: This position provides for a histopathologist to provide high quality, state-of-the-art IHC services in the Center for Translational Research in Neurodegenerative Disease (CTRND). Responsibilities include set up and running of histopathology core, coordination and management of research project activities, development of new procedures as needed, equipment maintenance, record keeping, and supply control. Incumbent will assist the research manager and supervisor with other tasks such as confocal microscopy or laser scanning microdissection. He/she must possess excellent communication skills to interact with investigators, their students, lab members, and clients that use shared resources as the incumbentduties will encompass training and discussion of immunohistochemistry and histology methods, use of core equipment, and techniques, as well as overall customer service. The candidate must be very customer service oriented with attention to detail. He/She must also interact positively with other lab members and promote a team-based environment. Incumbent will be responsible for independently performing a variety of established laboratory procedures as well as have the research experience to work independently. Main duties will include tissue preparation, cutting, processing, and routine histochemistry and immunocytochemical staining. Specific responsibilities within these duties include: tissue harvesting and preservation at the time of animal necropsy; tissue accessioning and trimming; paraffin and frozen block preparation and sectioning. Immunohistochemistry; in situ hybridization; microscopy; digital imaging/analysis and other laboratory bench work, including but not limited to, maintenance of laboratory equipment, reagent preparation, proper disposal of chemicals/ biological material, cleaning glassware and overall general maintenance, to support the above procedures. The candidate should be able to follow, write, and troubleshoot standard operating procedures and protocols for manuscripts and grant applications using verbal or written instruction and online references. Incumbent must possess computer skills to allow utilization of protocols and report generation in shared network folders. He/she will be responsible for supervising OPS personnel and undergraduate student volunteers.
Minimum Requirements: A bachelor's degree in an appropriate area of specialization and one year of appropriate experience. Appropriate college coursework may substitute at an equivalent rate for the required experience.
Preferred Qualifications Bachelor's degree in a biological science related field; One-year of prior experience in histopathology is preferred; neurobiology background with experience in brain cutting with a microtome, cryostat, or vibratome, and immunostaining techniques is highly preferred. Knowledge of working an autostainer and paraffin embedder also preferred, but not required. Working knowledge of rodent brain anatomy and human brain anatomy a major plus.
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