41270 LAN Engineer Senior

University of Central Florida in Florida

Deadline February 06, 2014
Date Posted January 23, 2014
Type Administrative
Salary Not specified
Employment Type Full-time

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LAN Engineer Senior

University of Central Florida


Job Description

The University is currently seeking a LAN Engineer Senior.   This A&P position is located in our ITR - Computer Services and Telecommunications.

Under general supervision, oversees the purchase, configuration, installation, and support of various network communications including LAN/WAN systems.

Job Requirements

Position #:  41270

Open Date: 1/24/2014

Closing Date: 2/6/2014 

Salary: Negotiable 

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelors degree and two years of information technology experience. 


The selected candidate for the LAN Engineer Senior position should possess the following skills, experience, and background:

-Advanced knowledge and experience of data network systems, network troubleshooting and applications.

-Advanced knowledge of the physical layer components and installations that include but not limited to: cabling,

punchdown terminations, MDF/IDF configurations, risers, and grounding.

- In addition to strong knowledge of TCP/IP based networks, should be experienced with configuration and troubleshooting OSPF and BGP routing protocols on a CISCO or Extreme network.

-Knowledge/familiarity with the following systems:802.11 wireless networking, IPsec and SSL Virtual Private Networks; Cisco Secure ACS; Cisco NCS, and common desktop Operating Systems including Windows, MAC OS, and Linux/Unix.

-Plans and executes various designs, procurement and physical and logical installations of network and UPS equipment. Makes recommendations for resources required to complete all projects on time and on budget.

- At least 3 years of Cisco Networking experience-CCNA/CCNE is preferred.

- At least 1 year of Extreme Networking experience-EDA preferred.


-Two years experience in a large data center. Nexus 2k, 5k, and 7k experience a plus.

-Excellent customer service skills.

-Ability to multitask on various projects at the same time.

-Supports CS&T service desk ticket system. Ability to complete billable and non-billable tickets in a timely manner.

- Knowledge and experience with a variety of CISCO and Extreme models: 6500, X670,4648, 4500, 45XX, 3750, 3650 Layer 3 switches; Cisco Firewall modules, Cisco 5508, HAs.

- At least 3 years of Cisco wireless experience is preferred.

- 2 years of Cisco wireless controller experience is preferred.

Special Conditions:

Work hours/shfits may vary depending on project schedule. Candidate may be required to work any or multiple shifts (8am-5pm, 5pm-12 am, 12am-8am) to complete a project.


This position must be available 24/7 in case of an emergency. This person may be asked to work during emergency situations or other shifts that possibly including weekend, holidays, and/or University closures such as during a hurricane or weather event. Telecommunications is considered a mission essential component of UCFs operational capability. This position may also be an effective member of the UCF Emergency Team and COOP.


 This position will include on call shifts throughout the calendar year.

The University of Central Florida is proud to be a smoke-free campus and an E-Verify employer.  

Please Note: Applicants MUST apply through www.jobswithucf.com.  No paper applications, resumes, cover letters or emails will be accepted or considered for this A&P position.  Cover letters, resumes, and other documents can be attached through the www.jobswithucf.com website.                                                                            

Your assistance with the University of Central Florida's Affirmative Action Plan implementation is appreciated. The University collects VOLUNTARY declarations of race and gender and uses the information to compile statistics on recruitment success. If you choose to assist, your demographic information will be used only for affirmative action. 

The University of Central Florida is an equal opportunity, equal access, and affirmative action employer. 

How To Apply

You can apply for this position online at http://www.jobswithucf.com