Humanities Fellowships - Spring 2015

Institute for Humanities Research at Arizona State University in Arizona

Deadline February 17, 2014
Date Posted December 23, 2013
Type Fellowship
Salary Competitive
Employment Type Part-time

Humanities: Institute for Humanities Research, Arizona State University. Theme: "Affect and Reason." Humanists have been central to reconsidering the active role that emotions play in the constructions of reason, truth, subjectivity and narrative. Building on recent analyses of the unconscious and studies of the phenomenology of the senses in the social, cognitive and developmental sciences, humanities scholars have come to understand the production and channeling of affect as a central category in scientific fields once considered "value neutral." They have also begun to reanalyze the role of human emotion in shaping and regulating ancient and modern communities through various discursive forms, ranging from religious and mythic narrative to modern advertising. The fellowship calls on scholars to apply and extend this vibrant new theoretical approach to the widest fields of interdisciplinary study in the humanities. Our focus will be not only on the simple presence of emotions in public or private life, but also on the ways emotions interact with and constitute the genres, techniques and logics of putatively dispassionate endeavors. The Institute for Humanities Research at Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ), which supports socially engaged transdiciplinary research in the humanities, invites humanities scholars (tenured or tenure-track) from various disciplines to apply for this fellowship supporting inquiry into the power of affect across time and space, across the fields of knowledge and the varieties of personal experience, analyzing how the mobilization of affect shapes cultural, political, religious, scientific or aesthetic understandings and how the invocation of affect interacts with taboos and sanctions, and/or compounds its relations with the world of objectivity and rationality. Up to two visiting scholars will join ASU faculty and graduate Fellows working on the theme, Affect and Reason. IHR Fellows pursue research and writing in an environment designed to be stimulating and supportive. During their residency, Fellows contribute to the general enrichment of humanities scholarship through seminars and public lectures as well as regular meetings with other Fellows. The one-semester Visiting Fellows stipend (January through May) is $25,000, and awards include an office and support services. We invite you to apply. Additional information is available at or contact the IHR at or 480-965-3000. Application deadline is February 17, 2014.