UC Davis

Deadline September 07, 2012
Date Posted August 21, 2012
Type Administrative
Employment Type Full-time

Job Summary:  

Under direction of the ME/SA Faculty Program Director and Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, provide academic advising and related support services for Middle East/South Asia Studies (under the Social Sciences Red Cluster administration) and the Division of Student Affairs.

Responsible for development, planning, implementing and managing major programs, initiatives and support services. Serve as a senior staff member in overseeing advising, retention and outreach activities. Maintain information about a wide variety of campus and community resources to assist students in the areas of retention, leadership development and professional development.

Participate on departmental and campus-wide committees as requested. Collaborate with campus leaders and functions with a high degree of autonomy. Develop and manage budgetary projections for departmental and campus wide programs. Hire, train and supervise peer advisers.  


Minimum Qualifications:

-Knowledge and experience applying counseling and guidance techniques to provide academic advising and related services to undergraduate students at the University/College level including knowledge of State and Federal laws concerning confidentiality of student records.

-Knowledge of academic and administrative organizational structure within a complex higher education university or college structure including related programs, and general curricular elements and structures (e.g., courses, unit prerequisites, majors and minors). Knowledge and skills to examine and assess college transcripts and compute grade point averages and grade point balances.

-Knowledge of multi-cultural dynamics within a University setting, and the academic environment and pressures encountered by students at a major research university, and of the personal and social problems commonly encountered by college students of all backgrounds.

-Analytical, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills to analyze situations, initiate solutions and develop guidelines with coordinating groups and programs, and involving students and student interactions.

-Interpersonal and communication skills to effectively interact with students, parents, faculty, administrators, alumni and community groups.

-Writing, editing and proofreading skills to compose correspondence and prepare clear and concise summaries.

-Organizational and presentation skills to provide direction in program planning and implementation; and to make presentations in group and public forums.

-Computer skills using a personal PC for word processing, spreadsheets, data processing, and presentation activities.


Preferred Qualifications:

-Experience developing, organizing and implementing educational programs, workshops or seminars to enhance student development and retention within the Middle Eastern, South Asian, Arab, and Muslim student community.


-B.A. degree in Middle East/South Asia Studies, Higher Education Administration, Counseling and Guidance or related fields.

-Experience working with Middle Eastern, South Asian, Arab, and Muslim students, parents, alumni, community groups, and organizations.  


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