Assistant Professor of Sookmyung Women's Univ.

Sookmyung Women's University

Deadline May 01, 2012
Date Posted April 13, 2012
Type Non tenure track
Salary Not specified
Employment Type Full-time

The Invitation of the Full-time Professor


1. The invitation field of the full-time professor and the number for the second semester of the year 2012

Non- Tenure professor

1) college : College of Fine Arts

    - major : Dept. of Visual & Multimedia Design

   - The invitation field : Visual & Multimedia Design*

  - number# : 1

  - note : (1) foreigner

                 (2) major in Visual & Multimedia Design

                 (3) at least Masters degree

                (4) over 2 years experience in Univ. and can lecture in English


2) college : School of Global Service

    - major : Global Cooperation Major

    - The invitation field : International Organization

    - number# : 1

    - note : foreigner/ preference to applicants with experience in the international organization


3) college : School of Global Service

    - major : Entrepreneurship Major

    - The invitation field : Entrepreneurship: New Product Development or Service Creation Strategy, Venture Capital, etc

    - number# : 1

    - note : at least MBA/ foreigner/ over 5 years experiences related this field


4) college & major : School of English

    - The invitation field : English Education & TESOL

    - number# : 1

    - note : foreigner from English speaking countries(possible Master)


5) college & major : Sookmyung Hospitality Business School(SHBS)

    - The invitation field : Hospitality Management

    - number# : 1

    - note : foreigner(including holders of foreign nationals)/ preference to applicants with experience in the hospitality industry


6) college & major : TESOL Graduate Schools

    - The invitation field : English Education(Practicum & Methodology)

    - number# : 1

    - note : Native or native-like speaker of English(highly experiences in teaching)


2. Qualifications


1) It is our principle that those who do not have any reasons for disqualification from university employment and people with Ph.D degree in their major field can only apply. However, those people who are about to acquire a Ph.D degree by the end of August of year 2012 can apply if they submit certification that shows that they have passed the examination of their thesis in addition to a certificate of the expected degree.


2) Those who can lecture in English


3) Preferential treatment is given to those people who can develop an international program in their major fields. (originality improvement & leadership related fields)


4)* In the case of Visual & Multimedia Design Major applicant

- Batch screening of the actual results within last 3 years -

  (1) exhibition

      a) individual : catalogue (original)

      b) group exhibition : cover, page of work and confirmation of entry

  (2) award : copy of award certificate and confirmation of award

  (3) thesis : original copy, article : a separately published file copy

  (4) book : original copy

  (5) research report : confirmation of research institutions, research institutions, roles, cover, table of contents and contents

     * Portfolio format is free.


3. The documents for submission

Non-tenure professor

1) 2 copies of the written application of professor employment (attach a recent photo)

2) 2 copies of the list of the actual results of the research

3) 2 copies of a cover letter

=> The applicants should personally print out  1), 2), 3) from the Internet home page 2 copy each after confirmation and submit with sign. After confirmation, it is impossible to change data.


4) A copy of diplomas and transcripts (undergraduate and graduate school)

a) those people with overseas doctorate degrees should submit a copy of the certificate of the overseas doctor's degree copyright registered from the Korea Research Foundation (with the original copy)

b) If you dont have a graduate certificate of doctor's degree, submit a copy of doctor's degree (with the original copy)

c) If the necessary certificates are not written in English, an attached translation is required.


5) a copy of career certificate (an original copy)


6) a copy of the actual results of research 100% within last 3 years (since Sept., 1st, 2009)

a) a thesis for a degree, international journals (AHCI, SSCI, SCI, SCI-E), articles registered in the Korean Research Foundation or a thesis published in the registration candidate journal, a writing (translation, compilation excluded) are only recognized.

b) Actual results of the research that are completely published upon the date of reception can be accepted.

c) In the case of the actual results of research, the submission of an original copy is necessary. When submit a separately published file(or PDF file) of articles, it is necessary to bring an original copy or cover(vol. and no. on it) for comparison. However, in the case of a research accomplishment that is only published in on-Line, print out the cover page with the publication date on it and the entire table of contents and submit them.


7) A copy of the thesis of final degree

a) If the thesis is not written in English, submit a Korean abstract (summary) with the length of not more than 5 pieces of A4 size paper.

b) In the case of degree thesis, submit it as a book-bound type.

c) % of worth of the actual results of research

(1) doctoral thesis : 200%, masters thesis : 100%

(2) in the case of book and article

             % of worth                        conditions of authoring

                   100%                               if authored alone

                    70%                         if authored with one other person

                    50%                         if authored with 2 other people

                    30%                        if authored with 3 or more other people


8) If you are a non-Korean national, submit a copy of your alien card.


4. Internet input Period


1) Please, input your application form using the Internet through our university's home page.

2) Application input period: April, 18th(Wed.) 10:00 - May, 1st(Tue.) 17:00

3) It is impossible to accept your application papers if you don't confirm your data during internet input period.


5. The reception period of papers and reception office


1) The reception period of papers : May, 2nd (Wed.) - 3rd (Thu.), 2012. 10:00-17:30

2) The reception office of papers : Sookmyung Women's University Administration Building Room 305

3) For your reference : The Office of Academic Affairs (administration building room 403)

Tel: 02)2077-7011, 02)710-9013, 9386, 9014    

E-mail :


6. Screening criteria and procedures


Non-tenure professor

1) the primary screening is the screening of the papers submitted and there is the evaluation of the applicants' qualifications and the suitability of their major.

2) the second screening is the interview. It evaluates personality and quality of the applicants.

3) Those who succeeded in the primary screening can have a chance to do the secondary screening and the results of the secondary screening will be given individually.


7. The others


1) The expected appointment date for the new full-time professor is on September 1st, 2012 and they are employed in contract under the personnel regulations of this university. Re-employment is determined under the regulations of the evaluation of professors' achievement at this university.

2) Based on the private school law, the undergraduate degree holders from specific universities cannot exceed 2/3 of the number of employees in their faculty/courses.

3) If things written on the documents submitted turn out to be fake, acceptance becomes null and void or the offender will be excluded from the screening process

4) Multiple applications in all fields is impossible.

5) If there is no suitable person for each major field, no one will be selected.

6) Those who passed the primary screening, which is the screening of papers, will be informed individually.

7) The documents for submission (including all kinds of certificates) and the actual results of research should be submitted with original copies.

However, if you can only submit a duplicate of the documents, be sure to bring the original copies for comparison.

8) All documents and certificates are not to be returned.


Cheongpa-ro 47-gil 100 (Cheongpa-dong 2(i)-ga), Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 140-742, Korea

TEL:+82-2-20777011, 710-9013, 9386, 9014 * E-mail:


* Internet address:




How To Apply

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