Adjunct Lecturer - Biochemistry

Columbia University, Department of Biological Sciences in New York

Deadline Open until filled
Date Posted August 2, 2017
Type Adjunct
Salary Not specified
Employment Type Part-time

Department of Biological Sciences – Columbia University

A sabbatical replacement for a biochemistry instructor is needed for the fall term. A PhD in a related field is required, and teaching experience is preferred. Current enrollment is about 150. Prerequisites: Organic chemistry and introductory biology with a molecular focus. The current course description reads as follows:


In this course, students will study the chemistry of living systems.  The class will discuss how living systems convert environmental resources into energy, and how they use this energy and these materials to build the molecules required for the diverse functions of life. Finally, the class will discuss the applications of such biochemical knowledge to disease and drug discovery.

Learning Goals:

At a high level,  the expectation is  that at the conclusion of the course, students should be able to explain:


  • the basic mechanisms by which living systems harness energy from their environment
  • how living systems construct the molecules necessary for the functions of life
  • how these processes go awry in a variety of disease, including cancers
  • how drugs can be discovered to treat such diseases


Using this knowledge, students should be able to diagram the major metabolic pathways and compare how these pathways are dysregulated in normal tissues in and disease states. In addition, they should know what techniques are used to uncover this knowledge and how to design and interpret experiments that will address these questions. They should also be capable of collaborating with other people in the analysis and interpretation of biochemical data, and be able to communicate, defend and refute interpretations of data. 


To be considered for the position, please send CV and cover letter to

Columbia University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer --Race/Gender/Disability/Veteran.  

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