Institute of Aviation Director/Chief Pilot

Parkland College in Illinois

Deadline March 06, 2017
Date Posted February 13, 2017
Type Administrative
Salary Commensurate with experience
Employment Type Full-time


The Institute of Aviation was founded at the University of Illinois in 1946. It was the first aviation school in the US to be certified by the FAA to conduct all tests leading to the issuance of civilian pilot certificates.

In September 2013, the university entered an agreement to transfer ownership to Parkland College for continued flight training. Leasing the university's aircraft and facilities at Willard Airport, the Institute officially opened for the Fall 2014 academic semester.

Institute alumni fly for all major US airlines and for military, corporate, cargo, and charter organizations worldwide. More than 3,000 Institute of Aviation graduates have gone on to train other pilots as instructors.

We're proud to uphold a longstanding tradition of aviation excellence.

The Institute of Aviation Director/Chief Pilot is responsible for the flight training operations of the Institute of Aviation program for Parkland College located at Willard Airport. The Director/Chief provides the overall leadership and strategic direction for the Institute of Aviation. This individual is responsible for planning, supervising, and evaluating all current aviation programs and for the development of new emerging aviation programs.  Annual renewal of position is contingent on grant funding levels.    

The Institute of Aviation Director/Chief Pilot is a Grant-Funded, full-time, 12-month administrative appointment located off Parkland College's main campus at Willard Airport. The position involves frequent handling of confidential information and records. Work contacts include students, administrators, faculty, staff, community-based organizations, and governmental agencies.

All applicants must submit:
  • An online Parkland College employment application 
  • A detailed cover letter explaining your interest, relevant preparation for, and vision for the position.  
  • Resume or CV
  • Copy of official Transcript from the institution where you received your highest degree.  If hired, certified official transcript is required. 

Essential Job Functions

  • Serve as the spokesperson for the Institute and develop key partnerships with local, regional, and national businesses, organizations, and institutions.
  • Lead effective strategic planning and create an environment that advances innovation.
  • Aggressively pursue external funding through grants and private funding sources.
  • Lead and build teams among faculty and staff and collaborate with campus and college-wide areas to facilitate continuous quality improvement.
  • Aggressively market aviation programs with the assistance of the Marketing team and establish effective recruitment strategies to attract students.
  • Monitor and ensure success with increasing student enrollment, retention, graduation and job placement rates; as well as, resolving student issues.
  • Serve as the Chief instructor and the Airman Certification Representative.
  • Evaluate adherence to criteria of accrediting and certifying agencies and ensure compliance with FAA requirements.
  • Support professional development and training opportunities for the faculty and staff.
  • Monitor and supervise the budget to support the Institute and identify resource needs.
  • Oversee course scheduling for the Institute. 
  • Perform personnel management functions, including oversight of personnel selection, training, and evaluation; ensuring departmental practices are in compliance with college policy; and analyzing and recommending appropriate staffing levels.
  • Supervise and train full-time/part-time flight instructors and assigned staff including organizing, prioritizing, and scheduling work assignments; Coordinate the ground schools with the flight program.
  • Supervise the primary and advanced pilot training program at the College.
  • Stay current with federal and local flight regulations.
  • Supervise flight instructor training activities.
  • Ensure that each certificated flight instructor, certificated ground instructor, or commercial pilot with a CFI or ATP rating passes an initial proficiency check prior to that instructor being assigned instructing duties in the school's approved training course, and thereafter that the instructor passes a recurrent proficiency check every 12 calendar months after the month in which the initial test was accomplished.
  • Maintain training techniques, procedures, and standards for the school that are acceptable to the College.
  • Must be available at the Institute of Aviation or, if away from the Institute of Aviation, be available by telephone, radio, or other electronic means during the time that training is given for an approved training course.  This may also be assigned to an Assistant Chief Flight Instructor. 
  • Coordinate with the University of Illinois regarding aircraft and facilities.
  • Produce internal reports to facilitate decision-making related to the Institute.
  • Assures proper maintenance of aviation training equipment and aircraft. 
  • Serve as an internal resource to the college on matters related to the Institute.
  • Serve as a member of various college committees and task forces.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule that may include evening and weekend assignments.
  • Maintain all professional credentials required for this position.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Vice President for Academic Services.
For more information regarding the Institute of Aviation:

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree.
  • Meet 14 CFR 141.35 Chief Instructor qualifications.
  • Must possess a commercial pilot certificate with single-engine land, multi-engine land, and instrument ratings and a flight instructor certificate with single-engine, multi-engine, and instrument ratings.  
  • Three (3) years supervisory experience.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with diverse students, employees, and community members.
  • Maintain all professional credentials required for this position.
  • In an effort to comply with SURS return-to-work restrictions for employers (40 ILCS 5/15-139.5), candidates for employment at Parkland College must either not be a SURS annuitant or must be willing to suspend his/her SURS annuity upon employment.  This applies to all SURS annuitants except those receiving their annuity under either the Self-Managed Plan (SMP) or by lump sum payment.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Part 141 instructional/managerial experience. 
  • Supervisory experience in the area of pilot training. 

How To Apply

You can apply for this position online at