Question about a textbook-adoption situation

Discussion started by Brent Richards on June 24, 2017

Hey everybody -
I'm facing a situation regarding possibly picking a new textbook for a class. I'd appreciating hearing your thoughts on this.
I am using a book for one of my classes that is, let's say, getting on in years, and I'm thinking about picking a different book. The book I've been using was published in 2007, and is based on research that was published from 1 to 8 years prior to the book itself. I'm not sure if the research the book is based on is old, but still relevant, or old, and no longer relevant - and that's something I'm going to try to figure out.
Of course I would rather not have to prepare around 12 chapters of another, newer book, if I can avoid doing so (while still providing the students with accurate, relevant information).
I had thought of using this book, along with more recent research on the same topics the book covers, as a way of supplementing and/or updating the content of the book.
The other books I'm considering were published in 2013, 2015 and 2016. I would imagine that the research they're based on is, of course, older than they are.
Any thoughts on this - or other ideas or suggestions?

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