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Graduate seminar with mostly international students?

Discussion started by Anonymous Professor on March 14, 2017

I teach in a social science department at a large state university. To address gaps in the budget, we accept a large number of international students (particularly from mainland China), and many with very limited English skills and poor writing skills. How do I teach a graduate seminar (about my research) to 7-10 students that struggle to read a journal article, and tend to use google translate for writing assignments? If I focus on the students with limited English skills, then I'm not focused on my research and I'm short-changing the 2-3 domestic/European students that are engaged with the work. I don't have a background (or interest) in teaching ESL or composition. I tried teaching the way I took graduate seminars--journal articles, class discussions, and a research paper. The international students did not speak, plagiarism was rampant, and I miserably spent the semester editing poorly translated papers. Please give me your advice, tips, or tricks!

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