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Professional and Career Development Specialist at The Hospital for Sick Children

#VitaeWednesday: Researching Your Way to a Persuasive Resume--Let's Talk!

Discussion started by Melissa Dalgleish on November 16, 2016

Hi all! Join me for a Vitae Wednesdsay webinar on resumes for non-academic jobs, which is happening on November 30. The idea of writing a resume--or really, the idea of marketing yourself, tailoring a document to an inscrutable or unknown hiring manager, and learning how to craft a job document very unlike the C.V. you've been using--often freaks people out. But I've got good news for you: resumes are just another form of persuasive writing, and graduate school is a crash course in mastering the art of persuasive writing. I'll share my tools and strategies with you, but I'm hoping you can tell me your burning resume writing questions--I'll respond here and during the webinar. Hope you can join me! (Update: Log in to view the free webinar here)

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