Melissa Dalgleish

Professional and Career Development Specialist at The Hospital for Sick Children

#VitaeWednesday: Covering Your Alt-Ac Cover Letter Bases

Discussion started by Melissa Dalgleish on March 6, 2017

Hi all! Join me for a Vitae Wednesday webinar on writing cover letters for non-faculty job applications, which is happening on March 22. Resumes and cover letters go together like peanut butter and jelly, but like your favorite spread, cover letters can get a little...sticky. Hitting the right tone so that you sound neither like an infomercial script or an overly-formal robot can be hard. Figuring out how to make the case for your qualifications without just reiterating your resume is tricky. And is it true that most hiring managers don’t even read cover letters? I'll answer these questions and share my favorite cover letter writing tools and strategies with you, but I'm hoping you can tell me your burning cover letter questions--I'll respond here and during the webinar. Hope you can join me! Update: The webinar has passed. View it here (must be logged in to view).

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