About Us

ChronicleVitae is the only online career hub dedicated to making it easier—and more rewarding—for faculty and administrators to do their jobs each day.

Educating and serving college students – and being really good at it – has always been an important and difficult job. But in recent years it’s become harder than ever to succeed in academia. College costs and consumer expectations are rising; the number of Ph.D.s has skyrocketed; and the competition to secure a full-time teaching position has intensified. For example, the odds of landing a tenure-track humanities job are as high as 600 to 1.

Having the best faculty and administrators prepare our workforce is crucial to maintaining America’s long-term advantage. But until now faculty and administrators have never had their own online resource dedicated to helping them crack the code for career success. That’s why the Chronicle is launching ChronicleVitae, which offers free career management tools, a powerful community, and the candid insights that academics need to build successful careers and fulfill their mission.

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